Ukrainian drone destroyed “Putin’s boat”

A high-speed patrol boat of the Raptor type with tail number 001 was hit by a Ukrainian Bayraktar last night and sank near Zmeiny Island.

In the location of the “Dumskaya” there is a photo of this boat shortly before the attack. Among the sisterships, it is given out by the white color of the hull.

It should be noted that this is a specially equipped parade boat, on board of which Russian dictator Vladimir Putin hosted military parades in St. Petersburg and Sevastopol several times.

Note that the pride of the Russian fleet – high-speed and maneuverable “raptors” – were produced in a small series and even have names (usually ships of the fourth rank are numbered).

For example, last night another similar boat from the Baltic Fleet called “Yunarmeets Baltica” was destroyed near Zmeiny.

At the beginning of the war, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation had seven such boats. Probably because of this, they had to be transferred from the Baltic.

Let me remind you that recently two such boats were hit near Zmeiny , and yesterday our drones drowned three and damaged another one. Probably, the lack of “raptors” forced the Russians to use the snow-white “membership” for the combat mission.



  1. The mafia navy keeps getting smaller and smaller, just like its army and air force.

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