Russia is ready to declare “XNR” and annex the entire Kherson region – ISW

The local occupation authorities said the region would “strive to become a subject of Russia.”

At the same time, the Russians are intensifying their occupation measures in Mariupol / Screenshot
At the same time, the Russians are intensifying their occupation measures in Mariupol / Screenshot

Russia will most likely decide to announce the illegal formation of KhNR in the near future.

This is stated in the report of the American Institute for the Study of War as of May 8.

At the same time, the Russians are intensifying their occupation measures in Mariupol.

Russian forces are reportedly beefing up their security presence in both Kherson and Mariupol, including withdrawing personnel from forward combat units to protect Russian dignitaries in Mariupol.

The local occupying authorities said that the region would “strive to become a subject of Russia” and “in terms of the pace of development it will resemble something close to the Crimea.” “Echoing a longstanding rhetoric used by existing Russian proxies in eastern Ukraine,” the analysts said.

The Kremlin is likely to create illegal puppet “republics” or directly annex occupied territories in southern and eastern Ukraine in order to strengthen its occupation administration and try to permanently tear these territories away from Ukraine,” the report says.

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  1. Ukraine’s so called friends have known this was coming for weeks, yet they did nothing to help Ukraine avoid this utter disaster. They could have provided air cover for the liberation of Kherson from putinazi vermin, but they chose to sit back.
    Ukraine is short of manpower. I don’t know why, but there it is. Kherson is not in Donbas; if the enemy is allowed to consolidate here, the rest of the Black Sea coast could well follow.
    It’s a fucking disgrace as well as a disaster. No doubt the nazis running this illegal occupation will be burning bodies and removing forensic evidence of genocide and torture.

    • Scradge, where do you keep hearing about Ukraine being short on manpower? Please, read this:
      “Because they’ve been so stuck in trying to fight a large conventional war as a ‘special military operation,’ they don’t have access to any large manpower reserves,” Kofman explains. “[By contrast], the Ukrainian military has a tremendous amount of manpower — they have a mobilized reserve.”
      “Part of the reason for this discrepancy is significant Russian losses in the first phase of the war. But another part is that the Ukrainian population is profoundly committed to the war, creating a large pool of willing fighters who perform more effectively than Russian conscripts. “The Ukrainians can get away with putting accountants who used to shoot at beer bottles out at the dacha because they’re defending their territory,”

      I’ve heard it and read it over and over again, and this from numerous sources, that Ukraine has more volunteers than the capacity to train and equip them. Maybe they are lacking the manpower to train more fighters, but this does not change the fact any that, over all, manpower is not a problem. I think I’ve mentioned the two Ukrainian guys in fighting age that I know, who were given permission to leave Ukraine for up to 6 months. I would wager, that the military officials who handed them the permits would never have done so if the country has a deficit in their manpower pool.

      • I don’t hear it my dear fellow. I really do not know any true facts about resources. My own contacts tell me also they have plenty, but there’s a difference between patriotic, motivated volunteers and hard core combat troops. What I believe though is that Ukraine is a vast country that needs an absolute minimum of 600,000 combat troops, plus the same number again in support and reserves. If they’ve got that, we have no reason to worry. Except that still will need to keep rising in my opinion.
        Unfortunately it seems the nazi rodent will keep on and on sending his cannon fodder for elimination by the defenders. Which is good of course, but the allies are not doing enough to stop putler’s horror attacks : using artillery, tanks, cruise missiles and planes to kill innocents, such as that diabolical school attack yesterday.
        I would feel a whole lot better if Ukraine’s key cities were properly protected from air attacks.
        For the liberation of Kherson, how many ground troops will be needed? A lot that’s for sure, plus they’ve got to keep the Kharkiv momentum going right towards Belgorod.
        Then they’ve got to get Mariupol back.
        On top of all that, they have to protect Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia
        and the Black Sea coast from Mykolaiv oblast all the way to Prymorske and Palanca.
        You remember that US General who recommended the creation of six new brigades of Nato-trained combat troops? I hope that is in progress now, although even that will take many months. In other words, it should have been done last year.
        Since 2014, the UK has trained 25,000 Ukrainian soldiers and officers. Probably the US a similar number. This training has paid off brilliantly, but of course with the benefit of hindsight, it should have been a much bigger program.

        • I think the main problem at the moment is the equipment situation. Of course, it takes time to properly train new troops. Mafia land can’t just throw new men into the battle without proper training either, so the question about manpower has no immediate consequences for now. What is important is that Ukraine is getting a steady flow of weapons and ammo from the international community. Concurrently, mafia land’s supplies are dwindling. This combination, in addition to superior weapons for Ukraine, will be the deciding factor. Keeping in mind, that the Ukrainian leadership doesn’t start doing stupid things or the mafia leaders start doing smart things.

  2. Mafia land loves to steal and stealing territories is no different to them as stealing anything else, which they are good at. But, they won’t be able to keep these stolen goods. Every square inch of Ukrainian territory will be returned to its rightful owner, sooner or later.

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