Rocket attack on the Odessa beach: the hotel is destroyed

As a result of today’s rocket attack on Odessa by Russian Nazis, a hotel complex on the seashore was damaged.

As the correspondent of “Dumskoy” reports, the rocket practically destroyed one of the three-story sections of the hotel.

Fortunately, at the moment of impact, it was empty, and there were no casualties. In addition to the section itself, adjacent ones were also damaged. In particular, the blast damaged the interiors of the presidential suite.

UPDATED AT 19:33. According to the operational command “South”, at 16:20 three aircraft missiles were fired into Odessa. One was shot down by air defense, the other two hit a residential area, destroying a recreation area. 15 sq. m, which flared up at the site of impact, was eliminated by the forces of four vehicles and 15 rescuers. Now the rubble is being cleared on an area of ​​300 square meters. m, the investigative-operational group of the National Police is working to fix the crime against Ukraine. There are no victims or injured.


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