One of the best pilots of Ukraine died in a battle with enemies

One of the best pilots in Ukraine, the former commander of the 10th Saki Naval Aviation Brigade of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Igor Bedzai, died yesterday fighting the Russian Nazis.

There were legends about this native of Nikolaev during his lifetime, he was remembered as an example of devotion to the country and military duty.

In 2014, the 10th Naval Aviation Brigade became the only unit of the Armed Forces that managed to withdraw its military equipment from the occupied Crimea. A risky operation to rescue planes and helicopters at gunpoint of the invaders was carried out under the leadership of Bedzai.

Igor was a brilliant officer, a good commander, a great professional in his field, flying both helicopters and airplanes, and at the same time a very modest person. The colonel was awarded the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree, and in 2018 he received an award weapon.

Eternal memory and glory to the hero of Ukraine!



  1. Sad to see such great men to get killed in this senseless war!
    Слава Україні!
    Слава її героям!

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