Ukrainian soldiers defeated Russian stronghold in Kharkiv region – journalist (photo)

At least eight Russian invaders were captured.

APU destroyed the stronghold of the occupiers / photo
APU destroyed the stronghold of the occupiers / photo

On May 5, Ukrainian soldiers liberated the village of Shestakovo in the Kharkiv region. The stronghold of the Russian invaders was destroyed.

This was reported by journalist Yuri Butusov.

“On May 5, the Ukrainian army liberated the village of Shestakovo near Kharkov, the Russian stronghold in the village was destroyed. At the moment, 8 servicemen of various Russian units have been taken prisoner, mainly from the 25th motorized rifle brigade of the RF Armed Forces. Counting the destroyed and captured equipment and personnel continues, the cleansing is underway,” Butusov said.

In addition, the journalist showed several shots from the battlefield, which depict destroyed Russian equipment.

Abandoned and destroyed equipment of the invaders / photo
Abandoned and destroyed equipment of the invaders / photo

Butusov also showed captured invaders.

Captured invaders / photo
Captured invaders / photo

“The homeless look and unregulated shoes of the Russian military should not be surprising. The shoes and uniforms of the RF Armed Forces are of very low quality, so the Russian military is always robbing and looting in order to dress, put on shoes and keep warm. Logistics in the Russian army and provision are very primitive. In uniform, they are removed for reporting in the rear, for propaganda, but on the front line they look something like this, they put stolen warm clothes under the bottom of pea jackets, often they put civilian clothes on top,” Butusov said.

He also added that the offensive of the defense forces in the Kharkiv region continues.

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  1. It’s great to see such defeats, in particular since this village is only around 15 kilometers from the mafia border. So close to mafia land and still no success for the cockroach army.

  2. The last image shows the rapists are no military. They look like down and outs compared to the professional looking Ukrainians. One of them is even wearing wellington boots, and one a pair of sneakers.

    • You’re right. They look more like a ragtag gang rather than soldiers.

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