Ukrainian defenders again attacked the positions of the Russian Nazis on Zmeiny Island: the landing craft of the invaders was destroyed (updated)

The military equipment and positions of the Russian Nazis were again struck by the Ukrainian defenders on the island of Serpents.

The corresponding video was published by the Operational Command “South”. The footage shows that our defenders destroyed the landing craft of the invaders.

“Chernobaevka has already become a legendary orc brazier. Serpentine is not just a new exciting series that sets a record for quantity and scope. It was one of the iconic objects at the beginning of this invasion, it became a symbol of the strong rock of our intransigence and the destruction of the stubborn efforts of the enemy, ”the Yug OK reported.

Apparently, in tomorrow’s summary of enemy losses there will already be 12 ships.

UPDATED AT 11:31. Our military analysts have identified an enemy floating craft that was hit by Ukrainian defenders in the vicinity of Zmeiny Island.

This is a Project 21820 Dugong high-speed landing craft, which is in service with the Russian Federation as part of the Caspian Flotilla.



  1. Good work!

    Here’s more good work:
    It is reported that a frigate of the Russian Black Sea Fleet of the Admiral Grigorovich class is burning near the island of Zmiiny in the Black Sea. A rescue operation is underway, several planes and rescue vessels are in the area.

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