Russian missiles hit civilian enterprise, airfield in Odesa

Russian missiles hit civilian enterprise, airfield in Odesa

07.05.2022 18:06

In Odesa, four Russian missiles hit a civilian enterprise in a residential area, and two more struck a previously destroyed airfield runway.

“Six missiles were fired on Odesa with the use of strategic aircraft.

Four missiles hit a private furniture company. In the residential area, a shock wave and debris damaged high-rise blocks nearby,” the press service of the Odesa City Council reports with reference to the Operational Command “South” on Telegram.

Two more missiles struck the previously damaged runway and the flight control system of Odesa airport.

Rescuers, explosives technicians and investigators work at the scene.

The fire in an area of ​​about 900 square meters was put out. The rubble is cleared. More than 60 rescuers are involved.

No casualties have been reported so far. The information is being specified.



  1. This is only one reason why the cockroach army won’t win this war. They are wasting their ammo on civilian objects instead of concentrating on strategic targets.

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