Russian military, take it and go: in Izmail, a monument to Suvorov was overlaid with household appliances

A washing machine, a boiler and a TV were placed under the pedestal.

On the technique under the pedestal, they painted the letters Z and noticed it with red paint / photo: Wikipedia
On the technique under the pedestal, they painted the letters Z and noticed it with red paint / photo: Wikipedia

In Izmail in the Odessa region , people brought household appliances with the inscription “Russian military, take it and leave” to the monument to the Russian commander Alexander Suvorov.

It is reported by the Public.

“It was a performance where we expressed our position on the monuments that are associated with the executioners of the Ukrainian people. We want this monument to be removed,” said one of the participants in the performance.

In particular, a washing machine, a boiler and a TV set were placed under the pedestal. They drew the letters Z on the technique and marked it with red paint.

photo: public
photo: public

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  1. This article is an American conservative right-wing opinion speculating that Putin has already lost everything he hoped to gain in the long-term, and that if he keeps going, he’s going to ruin Russia in the short-term too. I’m unhappy with some of my fellow Americans on the Right of all things, taking an apologist attitude towards Russia, so I feel happy that some of us are thinking more about how this a loss of Ukraine would affect America, and peaceful stability overall. Also, I’d bought a plane ticket to fly into Ukraine earlier this summer, but was frustrated when I found it was canceled. I still have another round-trip flight for November, and I expect most of the invaders will surely be sent back to putin in bodybags by then.

    • I feel the same way, Mac. I can’t understand why anyone is on the war criminal’s side. I am also conservative, but I still know what is wrong and what is right. No pun intended.

      • Unfortunately, the US far right fringe, which has supported putler since Georgia in 2008, has grown exponentially since then to such an extent that it has absorbed the Trump wing of the GOP. You now have a large range of Trump-friendly news outlets that promote horrible putinazi propaganda; some of the worst I’ve ever seen. These evil criminal entities include infowars, Michael Savage, Gateway Pundit, the daily stormer, ZeroHedge, Ron Paul Institute, wwwp-lives and many others; hundreds in fact.
        As a consequence, even the mainstream right wing Fox News has become a huge putler propaganda outlet with scum like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Candace Owens all being free to expound the their murderous views.

        • I agree with Sir OFP. There are fucking idiots on both sides so I’m more discriminating in wishing on whom the bird of happiness should shit on. Carlson is my no 1 jerk. I resent people who claim this politician or that politician would have done this or that. IMHO all politicians are pond scum with notable exceptions such as Boris and Lizz who have firmly planted their flag and positions loud and clear. God bless the true friends of Ukraine Britain Poland the Baltics and others. Fuck Germany and France. Yeah I’m back to my vulgarity as this really piss me off.

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