Pelosi: Putin is a coward who fights civilians and children

The Russian Federation must be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism, she is sure.

Pelosi criticized Putin and supported Zelensky / photo OP
Pelosi criticized Putin and supported Zelensky / photo OP

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who recently visited Kiev , called Russian President Vladimir Putin a coward who fights against children and the civilian population of Ukraine.

Pelosi stated this in an interview with  MSNBC.

“Putin is a coward. He is fighting – instead of waging war – he is fighting against civilians. He is fighting children. He is using it as a weapon of war,” Pelosi said.

The speaker of the US House of Representatives also said that Russia should be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism. Therefore, she supports Ukraine’s appeal to the US Congress with a request to grant this status to the Russian Federation.

“If Russia is not on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, tear this list. Because here you have the leader of a country, a nuclear power, which invades another country and threatens with nuclear weapons. You have a president of a country who incites his soldiers to acts of cruelty , to rape children – little girls of 11 years old, repeatedly, in front of their mothers, or rape their mothers in front of children, to kidnap children. These acts of violence are beyond civilized human behavior. Therefore, I am absolutely sure that they should be in this list of state sponsors of terrorism, and I hope that this will happen,” Pelosi said.

She added that the decision should be made by President Joe Biden. This would simplify the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Pelosi also announced the adoption of a bill to send additional military, economic, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. According to her, this should be expected as early as next week.

At the same time, Pelosi praised President Volodymyr Zelensky, whom she met on May 1.

“He’s amazing. We imagined what he was – from what we saw in the press and his presentations in Congress – but what we saw during our meetings with him was his complete knowledge of the intricacies and differences between weapons systems, knowledge humanitarian problems, the economy of their country, the need for economic assistance to Ukraine,” she said.

Zelensky impressed all the members of the American delegation who arrived in Kyiv with Pelosi.

“He’s great. He’s a hero to the whole world. It’s a great honor for us to meet him. And he began by saying that he was very grateful to the people of the United States for the help we gave him. And we expressed our admiration and praise to the people of Ukraine for his courage in the fight for democracy, because that’s what this fight is for,” Pelosi concluded.

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  1. FACT: The runt is a war criminal. Anyone who still holds talks with the rat is a spineless coward with no brains. Do you hear, Macron, Guterres et al?

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