More than 200 Ukrainian military trained to use M777 howitzers

Ivan Boyko 23:48, 05/06/22 YHIAH

In addition, more than 150 Ukrainian servicemen are undergoing corresponding exercises.

Howitzer M777 / photo US Army
Howitzer M777 / photo US Army

More than 200 Ukrainian military personnel have completed preparatory exercises for the use of M777 howitzers , which are being provided to Ukraine by Western allies.

It is reported by CNN with reference to a briefing by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

More than 150 Ukrainian soldiers are undergoing corresponding exercises.

Earlier, Kirby reported that US military personnel provide professional training for Ukrainian soldiers outside of Ukraine. Thus, 15 Ukrainian military personnel have completed training for the use of Q-64 mobile air defense radar systems, 60 have completed training for the use of M-113 armored personnel carriers, and about 50 more are currently being trained.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukraine is receiving 155-mm M777 howitzers from the United States, Canada and Australia , AS90 howitzers from the UK, and Gepard anti-aircraft tanks from Germany.

On May 3, Kirby stated that most of the planned howitzers had already been delivered to Ukraine. In particular, in total we are talking about 90 units of artillery systems.


  1. I am waiting on reports of the Excalibur shells used in conjunction with counter battery radar. It should provide interesting results. Not so for mafia troops, though.

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    • It is interesting. I remember an initial report the US was going to send some 777 howitzers, like 15 or 18 of them and then Biden got some crap about not sending enough. Then he added more and asked for more money. The same time he added more there was a mention that the money was going to 777 ammo. I was kinda reading between the lines and imagining someone told the Pentagon they forgot to include the Excalibur shells. I don’t know but it makes sense since the objective is to fire long distance.

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          • That’s right. I doubt that the cockroaches have smartened up any. At any rate, they are so prejudiced that they still think they are more intelligent than the Ukrainians. But, that can only be good for Ukraine.

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