Mobile numbers in the DPR and LPR were assigned the code +7 (Russia)

The Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation announced that subscribers of mobile operators of the self-proclaimed DNR and LNR will receive the telephone code of the Russian numbering system +7.

“From May 7, 2022, when making calls and sending SMS messages by subscribers of Donetsk and Lugansk telecom operators with numbering codes +38071 and +38072, the phone number will be displayed in the format +7(949) and +7(959) respectively,” they said. in the department.

The Russian numbering code will be assigned to the subscribers of the Phoenix operator in the DPR and Lugakom in the LPR, the leaders of the two self-proclaimed republics say in  statements . These are the only operators operating in the DPR and LPR.

Subscribers do not have to change SIM cards. After changing the numbering code, they will have the current number, they said in the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation. After receiving an SMS notification about the numbering code change, subscribers will be able to call within the DPR and LPR, as well as to Russia “at domestic Russian tariffs,” the department noted.

Deputy Minister of Digital Development Dmitry Kim said that the innovation was “a logical continuation of the implementation of previously signed agreements” on friendship between Russia and the two self-proclaimed republics.

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  1. Changing everything back to what they should be is nothing but a thing once Ukraine regains the occupied regions.

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