Biden urged the military not to leak information about the exchange of intelligence data with Ukraine

Earlier in the American media there was information that the United States coordinated the Armed Forces of Ukraine on “Moscow”. The Pentagon had to explain.

Biden called such a leak "counterproductive" \ REUTERS
Biden called such a leak “counterproductive” \ REUTERS

US President Joe Biden has criticized the military for leaking information, including on intelligence sharing with Ukraine.

This was reported to NBC by representatives of the White House.

According to one official, in a telephone conversation with CIA Director William Burns, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Biden said such leaks “detract from our goal.

Another official said Biden conveyed that the leaks must stop.

Biden spoke to officials amid his administration’s concerns about the news, in particular that the Pentagon had given the UAF the exact coordinates of the cruiser Moskva.

Some administration officials have expressed concern that public disclosures could escalate the conflict by provoking Russian President Vladimir Putin and could reduce the effectiveness of U.S. intelligence sharing with Ukraine.

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  1. I thought for a minute that I agreed with Biden that intelligence should be kept secret. But then he opens his mouth and says he’s worried about escalating Russia. PLEASE GIVE ME A F**KIN BREAK!!! What the hell is this guy doing in the White House. Escalating? What the hell does he think has been going on????

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