It Became Know How Many Howitzers Germany Will Send to Ukraine

The German government has agreed to send more heavy weapons to Ukraine, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced on Friday

The latest weapons deliveries will include seven self-propelled howitzer artillery systems (Panzerhaubitze 2000), Lambrecht said during a visit with German soldiers in Slovakia on Friday, on 06 May.

The training of Ukrainian troops on the artillery weapons can start next week in Germany, she told reporters in the Slovak town Sliac where she was supposed to meet her Dutch counterpart later today.

The German army has about 100 howitzer 2000s in its stocks, but only 40 are combat ready.

“These seven howitzers are exactly the kind of heavy weapons that Ukraine has been asking Germany to provide,” said DW’s chief political correspondent Melinda Crane.

“The German government has repeatedly been accused by the leadership in Kyiv of not doing enough to help defend it against the Russian and until 10 days ago Berlin had been quite reluctant to provide heavy weapons, but Chancellor Scholz appears to have changed course,” Crane added.

The move comes after a major shift in German policy to send heavy weapons to Ukraine, including “Gepard” anti-aircraft systems.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has faced increasing criticism over Germany not doing enough to help Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion.


  1. “The latest weapons deliveries will include seven self-propelled howitzer artillery systems (Panzerhaubitze 2000), Lambrecht said during a visit with German soldiers in Slovakia on Friday, on 06 May.”

    Wow thanks a lot Germany. I’m sure these 7 guns will tip the balance against Russia.

    • Ha!

      Wiki says :

      “On 26 April 2022, the German government authorised Krauss-Maffei Wegmann to transfer 50 Flakpanzer Gepard anti-aircraft vehicles to Ukraine.”

      This was after all sorts yes/no/yes/no bullshit. I wonder if they have received them?

      Also, did they receive the €1bn cash promised by Scholtz to buy weapons?

      If so, they should be buying MiG’s and a few Typhoons.

  2. Of course it is not enough, but I think the article omits that the Germans will do this together with the Dutch that also operate the same weapon.

    The Dutch will also provide some, which is quite nice because the Dutch army has no tanks and we only have 20 or less operable PhZ-2000 so we are basically giving away the only firepower we have.

    I think Ukraine in total will receive like 10 – 15 of them.
    Of course I wanted to see more, but imagine they are very accurate and they have a very long range (I think up to 70km), so even one can be very useful.

    Even though I am not happy with the amount Ukraine receives, and maybe also with the fact that Ukraine is getting such a hodgepodge of weapons, which makes training and maintenance a lot more difficult, I think this weapon will be of much use.

    And considering the poor state of the Dutch and German armies, it is quite generous. It wouldn’t even surprise me if they have fewer operable once then they claim.

  3. Germany seriously neglected their military since reunification. For awhile, and it may still be true, they didn’t have enough rifles and trained with sticks.

  4. Another Russian ship destroyed. A frigate this time. Hit by an Odessa based neptune missile.

  5. Seven? WTF. Each time I think Germany has turned the corner and will provide support, this happens. I’m trying to remember my promise not to be vulgar but it’s really hard with these kind of asses.

      • Recall also their tanks. Out of 200 tanks only a handful are working. Germany USED everyone else to bear the burden while they sat on their arsses getting rich on the blood of others. Oh I am being really restrained. I so want to tell Germany what I really think of them. Unfortunately, I Don’t get any sense that they give a dam.

        • The only thing they give a damn about is money. Not buying German products is the best way to hurt them.

      • The German foreign policy since WWII has been trade discourages war, do you think they will continue believing trading partners won’t start wars?

  6. Forty working out of a hundred and Ukraine gets only seven. Why? Krautland will only let the other thirty-three go to shits like the other sixty. At least, the Ukrainians will put them to good use, destroying mafia troops and gear.

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