From the LinkedIn page of Robin Horsfall, Former SAS Soldier, Veterans Campaigner and Public Speaker

Russia, should we be frightened?

When Frank Herbert wrote his famous book ‘Dune’ he wrote one sentence that remained with me though my life. ‘Fear is the mind killer’.

When we get frightened our natural reaction is to run or to fight. Our body speeds up and as our brain prepares for action it no longer makes minor cognitive decisions. When I hear ignorant people demanding more and more aggressive action, I see frightened people. They think all problems can be resolved with greater levels of violence. Violence is neutral, it can destroy the user as easily as the receiver. Putin is starting to learn this lesson.

To answer my own question. No, we shouldn’t be frightened, but we should be very concerned. We should stop listening to false prophets who claim to know what will happen and trust in those who concentrate on what is already happening and what can be done to effect a positive outcome.

The strategic aim of the Western Powers is to win the proxy war against Russia – in Ukraine. The most important and difficult part of that aim is to keep it ‘in Ukraine’.

The requirements to win that war are several: To fight effectively on the ground, to finance the operation, to create strong supply lines, to control morale and public opinion, to manufacture the material necessary to maintain a long war, to strongly deter the enemy from expanding the theatre of operations, to destroy the enemy’s ability to engage in war. All these items are being actioned as you read this.

Steady, intelligent, concerned politicians and military experts are creating the circumstances that will lead to a Russian defeat. What works against those planners are those who spread Russian propaganda and generate fear. Fear of what might happen, fear of Putin’s mental state, (rest assured he is perfectly sane) fear of nuclear war, fear of the unknown! – Fear is the mind killer.

So, be concerned, think, follow the sensible informed news, avoid pointless speculation and continue to support Ukraine’s right to defend her sovereign territory.

Slava Ukraine!

Who Dares Shares.

Robin Horsfall


  1. Yes! I like this! Think rationally, and keep calm. Do not ignore threats, but do not panic, lest you are prone to making a mistake that may be fatal.

    Think of unwavering focus towards your goals, and push to them as much as possible. Do not yield to distractions, or the cost may be the loss of those goals, perhaps to never see them realized.

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  2. Many comments at the bottom of Robin’s article. Here is just one:

    Alan Merbaum, Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton :

    “Thank you for your well thought out discussion, Robin. My biggest concern is dealing with those who propagate and amplify the propaganda garbage that is coming out of the kremlin. It is fertilizing the poisoned minds of people like carlson on Fox News who then spread it throughout the mindless trump base. We need to watch this and deal with it. They are financed by the kremlin.”

    Reply from Frank Lane, Retired Senior Policy Analyst:

    “If Trump were in office, there would be no invasion of Ukraine. Not sure what your background is, but strategic and operational thoughts don’t seem to be among them.”

    Trump himself makes this claim, but I don’t buy it. Excruciatingly he actually congratulated putler on his “savvy” when the demon invaded. After those hideous comments, the prick should never be heard from again.

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  3. Keeping calm and thinking rationally when a war breaks out should be a given for anyone leading a nation. The signs were there for many months and numerous intelligence agencies were, no doubt, working around the clock with every asset available. But, virtually everyone still went on panic mode when the first aggression began. Some started to see what was necessary to help Ukraine … as usual, the Baltic States and Poland, followed by others, one-by-one. Some flat out refused to help until the very last moment. It was a chaotic and stupid response by the West. Even its “unprecedented sanctions” turned out to be a lady finger instead of a bomb.
    This ex-SAS soldier knows more about what to do than the biggest majority of Western leaders and their aides, and this in the strategic level.

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