The European Parliament called on the Russian Federation to urgently return the stolen aircraft

The European Parliament calls for tougher sanctions against Russia.

Russia stole Western-made leasing aircraft / photo REUTERS
Russia stole Western-made leasing aircraft / photo REUTERS

The European Parliament urged the Russian Federation to urgently return the stolen planes .

This was reported by the press service of the European Parliament.

According to the information, the deputies are concerned about the serious impact of the war on the aviation sector and expressed regret that Russia clearly violated the rules of international civil aviation and forced aircraft leased from foreign companies to re-register in the Russian aviation registry.

“Such a theft cannot be tolerated,” the MEPs said, demanding the immediate return of these aircraft to their rightful owners.

The resolution also calls on the EU to further tighten sanctions against the Russian maritime sector and to refuse to allow ships that are docked in Russia en route to the EU to enter EU ports. In addition, all ships wishing to stop at EU ports should be prohibited from refueling at Russian ports.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Russian Minister of Transport Vitaly Savelyev admitted that Western-made leased aircraft stolen by the Russian Federation would never be able to leave the territory of the Russian Federation .

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  1. Why do the Europeans always feel the need to make utter fools of themselves?

    • Next they will be begging Ukraine to do something about it and Ukraine will remind them of the initial help NATO gave Ukraine. If they had just listened to Ukraine the last 8 years none of this would have happened. They were constantly worried about upsetting Putin and allowing him to save face and be nice because he has nukes and he has gas…now they want Putin to pay for his crimes and if their planes weren’t hijacked they would still be quiet even though thousands more Ukrainians have died.

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