Putin’s death on the operating table is the “most harmless scenario” – Russian journalist

Violetta Orlova 21:47, 05/04/22 YHIAH

Rumors about oncology have been circulating with the President of the Russian Federation for a long time, soon, according to media reports, he will have to undergo an operation.

According to Piontkovsky, now the dictator looks really bad / screenshot
According to Piontkovsky, now the dictator looks really bad / screenshot

The death of Russian President Putin on the operating table may be the “most harmless scenario” for ending the war and changing power in the Kremlin. Rumors that the dictator has cancer have been appearing for many years. In the near future, according to the media, Putin will allegedly have to urgently “go under the knife.”

Russian journalist and politician Andrei Piontkovsky spoke about the probable death of the President of the Russian Federation in an interview with the Ukraine 24 channel.

The publicist noted that for 10 years he has been hearing about Putin’s possible oncology. According to Piontkovsky, now the dictator looks really bad, he constantly clings to the table, behaves strangely and seems like a “hunted old man.”

Against the backdrop of rumors that Putin will soon have to go under the knife, the journalist believes, his death during the operation would be “the most harmless scenario.” Then the situation in the Russian Federation could change.

“Death on the operating table is considered by many as the most innocent scenario. It’s easier than arranging some kind of military coup, breaking into a bunker with machine guns,” Piontkovsky said.

If Putin died, then in the Russian Federation they could organize a change of power. Russian billionaires would try to rectify the situation and end the war.

“I see two scenarios for the behavior of the system. One such, let’s call it, is the twentieth congress. Soon after Putin dies on the operating table, we will be announced that the Patrushev-Putin criminal group has seized the leadership of the United Russia party and the state through intrigues. And it caused enormous irreparable damage to the traditional fraternal friendship of the Ukrainian and Russian peoples,” the publicist said.

Everything should be decided on May 9, Piontkovsky believes. According to the journalist, irreversible decisions must be made in the Russian Federation. The Kremlin must hold a “twentieth congress” or conclude a new Brest peace treaty.

Earlier, UNIAN has already reported that Putin, according to media reports, will be forced to go under the knife in the near future. In the event of a long recovery, power will for some time pass to Nikolai Patrushev , Secretary of the Security Council.



  1. If this is true and the little mistake has to go under anesthesia the best thing for the world would be just finish him off then. Though he deserves an extremely violent and lonely death, I suppose any death from the inside will have to do. Let’s hope this is the plan for 10 May 🙂

  2. If Putin dies, Patrushev is next in line. It is unlikely in thee extreme that anything will change, unless Patrushev somehow has some sense and decides to withdraw from Ukraine.

    • Lots will change if that happens but you’re right, perhaps the war won’t. Putin/Russia have already lost the war anyway.
      Putin has to go if the russia and the world are to survive, imo.

    • Patrushev has the open option that Putler disallowed himself, and that is to end the war. It was, after all, Putler’s war, he could argue. Otherwise, he too will have to watch how the cockroach army is being turned into dog food and burning hulks.

  3. “Putin’s death on the operating table is the “most harmless scenario”

    Better would be a slow and painful death. It would be most righteous to make him suffer the same pains and agony that many of his Ukrainian victims had to endure from his beastly creatures in uniform before their untimely death. But, as Red pointed out already, any death is acceptable at this point.

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