Germany has begun building an LNG terminal to replace Russian gas 

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The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal took place in the German port city of Wilhelmshaven on Thursday, May 5.

This was reported by NDR, Ports of Ukraine reports .

According to Economy Minister Robert Habeck, Germany intends to complete construction and connect the terminal to the gas supply system within 10 months.

The pipeline should be completed by winter so that by the end of the year, but not later than the beginning of 2023, to pass about 10 billion cubic meters of gas. This is almost 10% of gas consumption in Germany.

The regasification floating platform (FSRU) alone will cost about 200,000 euros per day. The federal government wants to spend nearly 3 billion euros on four such floating systems. The FSRU is expected to be based in the North and Baltic Seas, near Brunsbüttel, Wilhelmshaven and Rostock.

Habek also announced the construction of other terminals over the next 10 years. It is planned that in the future this infrastructure can be used to receive the supply of “green” hydrogen.

With the help of liquefied gas, Germany intends to reduce its dependence on gas from Russia.

Earlier it was reported that the construction of a floating LNG terminal in the north of Greece is underway in Alexandroupoles , which will contribute to the EU’s phasing out of Russian gas. Джерело:



  1. This is happening at lightning speed for kraut standards. With better leaders than Schröder and Merkel, Germany would be in a much better position today … and this in many other ways than just its energy sector.

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