From FB site : Stand with Ukraine

Chris Paul May 5

❗️An AP investigation has found evidence that the attack on the Drama Theater in #Mariupol on March 16 was far deadlier than estimated, killing ~600 people inside and outside the building.

The agency calls the airstrike Russia’s single deadliest known attack against civilians to date as part of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine.


  1. If this horror was a stand alone war crime, it would be terrible enough. As it stands, Mariupol alone is already the equivalent of at least seven 9/11’s.
    There is no punishment sufficient for such demonic evil.
    Remember it had the the word “Deti” on the roof. Lavrov laughed at the time and said it was full of Azov men.
    Lavrov and the entire kremkrapper murder gang need to burn in hell.

    • Burn in hell or at the end of the concert mentioned elsewhere

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