From FB page; Georgia Today

May 4

The British musician, writer, and producer, one of the founders of the legendary band The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney, raised the Ukrainian flag at his concert. He supported Ukraine and condemned the actions of Russia💛💙💛


  1. An air defence system of unprecedented sophistication should be installed in Kyiv oblast and every other key city. Cruise missiles and long range artillery should be installed to keep the orcs at bay.

    Note to the biggest global impresarios : There should now be a massive concert in Kyiv; this summer if possible. The stars should be top Ukrainian bands like Okean Elzy, BoomBox, Hutsul Planet, Ruslana, Kozak System etc

    Support acts should be Sir Paul, Pink Floyd and any other big stadium act that wants to join in to help Ukraine. The Stones, The Eagles, Springsteen etc. It should be made onto a movie and should be sponsored by blue chip companies. It will celebrate Ukrainian culture and most importantly celebrate freedom and denounce RuSSian fascism. It would raise $billions in ad revenue.

    Ideally, in a just world, it should begin with a burning of the RuSSian flag, the nazi Z symbol and horror effigies of putler and his murder gang. It should end with a huge rendition of the national anthem plus other patriotic songs.

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