Britain will help Finland in case of Russian attack even without NATO membership – Defense Minister

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said the key challenge in the NATO membership announcement would be to make the ratification process as short as possible.

Britain will help Finland / photo REUTERS
Britain will help Finland / photo REUTERS

Britain will help Finland in the event of a Russian attack, regardless of whether the country is a member of NATO.

This was stated by British Defense Minister Ben Wallace during a visit to Helsinki, writes ” European Truth ” with reference to the Air Force.

“It is impossible that Britain would not support Finland or Sweden if they were ever attacked, regardless of the existence of some major formal agreement. We are European countries that have the same values ​​that have deep, long histories,” he said. is he.

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    • He’s a damn good bloke, but he didn’t think this one through. Ukrainians understandably might conclude that protecting Finland is somehow prioritized over Ukraine.

  1. Screw NATO and the EU. I think the new alliance is Britain, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia maybe with Moldavia and Romania. Finland is welcome to join as they have a history of being good fighters who don’t back down.

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