Russia tried to sell grain stolen from Ukraine to Egypt

Russia tried to sell grain stolen from Ukraine to Egypt.

The ship “Matros Pozynych” loaded 27 thousand tons of grain stolen in Ukraine and headed to the port of Alexandria.

About this informs “Economic truth”.

The ship “Matros Pozynych”, which is part of the sanctioned “United Shipbuilding Corporation”, loaded 27 thousand tons of looted grain in the occupied Crimea and headed to Egypt.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Nikolenko stressed that Ukrainian diplomats prevented Russia from delivering the grain to Alexandria.

“According to our information, the Russian side is now directing a ship with stolen grain in the south of Ukraine to Lebanon and Syria. The Foreign Ministry has already appealed to the Lebanese and Syrian authorities to arrest the stolen cargo if Russian dry cargo enters their ports,” he said. Nikolenko.

The Foreign Ministry noted that together with law enforcement and international partners they are working to punish the occupiers for stealing Ukrainian grain.

It will be recalled that the Russian occupiers in Ukraine are terrorizing farmers, forcing them to join “collective farms”, buying cheap grain or stealing it altogether. These actions of the invaders are a violation of Articles 31 and 33 of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.


  1. That’s one failed attempt by the mafiosi to sell stolen goods. I hope that someone will be able to snag the ship and its crew. If I were president, I would have a destroyer go after it immediately.

    • Why? A tug boat and a guy with a bow and arrow could probably bring it down ;))
      I have a feeling there are people watching this stolen food and I also have a feeling nobody will get to eat any of it…

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