Kremlin Foe Browder on ‘Psychopath’ Putin and Disastrous Ukraine War


  1. Brilliant interview with Bill.
    Few people in the west understand the tiny poisoner better.
    “His heart doesn’t start beating faster if someone is being tortured in front of him. He’s exactly like Hannibal Lecter except he doesn’t enjoy cannibalism.”

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  2. It was nice to read the excellent comments at the bottom of the vid. Hardly any kremkrappers to pollute it.
    However, Bill’s conclusion at the end is very disturbing.
    What do you think?

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    • I’ve heard other experts with other opinions, Scradge. Some say that mafia land cannot keep up this war for long. Of course, there are some who say the same thing and think that this is why Putler might use nukes, at least tactical nukes.
      I tend to agree that the shithole can’t sustain the fight for much longer, and I differ on the nukes. He can’t use nukes, even if he is mad enough to want to.

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  3. Once the new weapons come into play for Ukraine, the cockroach army will see only one thing to do, and this is to retreat until it’s thrown out of the country like it was thrown out of the Kyiv region.

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