French authorities have arrested the villa of Russian billionaire Friedman in St. Tropez 


The Treasury of France has added the Copab villa in Saint-Tropez to the list of “frozen” assets.

The decision to add the elite real estate of the family of Russian oligarch Mikhail Friedman to the list of “frozen” property was made by the French Treasury on May 3, according to the program “Schemes” ( Radio Liberty ).

Earlier, journalists found out that this villa on the Cote d’Azur belongs to the Friedman family through the French company SNC Copab. The villa is rented out and can bring the oligarch’s family 180-440 thousand euros a month.

French authorities have “frozen” the villa due to sanctions against Friedman imposed by the European Union.

The 580-meter villa right on the seafront in Saint-Tropez is called Copab. The villa also has a swimming pool, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and a separate helipad.

The European Union reportedly imposed sanctions on Mikhail Friedman on February 28 over his ties to the Putin administration. Sanctions include the freezing of assets, a ban on transfers and a ban on entry into the EU. Джерело:



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