Russian Nazis shelled the center of Kharkov: amusement park and children’s attractions were damaged  

Russian Nazis once again shelled the center of Kharkov.

As a result, as reported in the regional department of the State Emergency Service, at about 13:15 there were several fires.

Garages, trade facilities, as well as wooden children’s attractions in the territory of the city recreation park were on fire.

40 rescuers and seven units of fire equipment participated in the elimination of fires.

At 14:27 the fires were extinguished. According to preliminary data, one woman received shrapnel wounds.



  1. Where are these shells coming from? Inside RuSSia? US satellite intel should be able to determine the location of the artillery and enable Ukraine to take them out?
    A lot more help needed, to save innocent lives.

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  2. Counterfire/Weapon Location Radars should help a lot in making the orcs pay and die for their stupidity. Orcs have no respect for anything living or dead. Real time sat intel is being provided and has helped make many an orc to burn.

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