Missile attack on Lviv: in part of the city there is no electricity, internet and water (photo)

The mayor of Lviv said that three electrical substations were damaged as a result of the missile attack.

A series of explosions thundered in Lvov on May 3 / photo t.me/kozytskyy_maksym_officialA series of explosions thundered in Lviv on May 3 / photo t.me/kozytskyy_maksym_official

In Lviv, as a result of a missile strike , electrical substations were damaged.

Mayor Andrei Sadovoy announced this on Facebook .

“As a result of the missile strike, two electrical substations were damaged. There is no electricity in part of the city,” he wrote.

According to the head of the Lviv OVA Maxim Kozitsky, three substations were previously damaged in the city.

The sky over Lviv on May 3 / screenshotThe sky over Lviv on May 3 / screenshot

In addition, after the shelling in Lviv, a mass disconnection from the Internet began.

Netblocks, which monitors the web globally, reports that the number of connections in the city has dropped to 87%.

Internet lost in Part of Lviv / screenshot

Internet lost in Part of Lviv / screenshot

https://www.unian.net/player/qC0Uyp82One of the missiles that hit Lviv

Updated . Later, Sadovoy said that there were problems with the water supply in Lviv: “Quickly across Lviv. 3 electrical substations were damaged. Two pumping stations without current. We are resuming water supply through alternative sources of electricity.”

As UNIAN reported earlier today, Sadovoy informed that explosions were heard in Lviv and urged everyone to stay in shelters.

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