Heroes of Scary Forest: in the Kiev region, fishermen saved thousands of people from hunger and occupation (photo)

Brave fishermen saved the lives of 2,000 civilians.

They caught fish and gave it to people / screenshot from video
They caught fish and gave it to people / screenshot from video

In the Kiev region , fishermen from Strakholesye heroically saved people from hunger and occupation. They managed to save the lives of 2 thousand inhabitants of the region. These fishermen do not brag about their deeds, they just wanted to help.

About the heroism of ordinary residents of the Kiev region reports “UP” .

On March 12, fishermen helped a pregnant woman escape from the invaders, who had long needed to have a caesarean section. A resident of the Vyshgorodsky district said that she was one of the first who was lucky to escape from the Rashists thanks to the “evacuation flight” organized by the fishermen.

Heroes of Strakholesye / photo "Ukrainian Truth"
Heroes of Strakholesye / photo “Ukrainian Truth”

These people transported the inhabitants of the region to the other side, as far as possible from the invaders. A pregnant woman recalls that she was very scared that day. She prayed constantly. The boat was almost on ice, there was a strong wind. However, the pregnant woman was afraid not only of big waves. In those days, rockets and drones flew over the Kiev region. The woman was very afraid that the enemy would hit the boat.

The fishermen warmed the woman with blankets and did their best to calm her down. Fortunately, the evacuation was successful, and soon the pregnant woman reached Kyiv and gave birth to a boy there. She named her son Andryusha, in honor of the apostle and Galilean fisherman Andrew the First-Called. 

In addition, fishermen from the first days of a full-scale invasion saved people from starvation, risking their lives. They caught fish and distributed it to the people. Fishermen even fed those villages that were already under occupation, said Alena Aliyeva, one of those who saved people.

“It was as if they were in a trap. There was ice all around. Orcs ahead. On the sides of the forest. Our appendix, our peninsula, mini-Crimea, as we call it, was cut off: Strakholesye, Gornostaypol, Fruzinovka, Zorin, Gubin … But we have hands weren’t connected,” she said.

People from neighboring Dityatki, Orany and Fruzinovka fled to Strakholesye. A few days after the invasion, mobile communications began to disappear in the village, and food began to run out a week later. It is difficult to live on one fish. Therefore, the fishermen called Kyiv and asked their friends for help.

“You can’t live on fish for a long time. Oil and flour ran out, but you won’t be full without bread, right? We called friends in the capital for help. They brought food to the other side through Vyshgorod, and we took it by boat,” Aliyeva shared. 

Strakholesie became an evacuation center / photo "Ukrainian Truth"
Strakholesie became an evacuation center / photo “Ukrainian Truth”

After the successful first “evacuation flights”, the fishermen began to rescue people on a large scale. They took out refugees and brought food with medicines.

Andrey, 52, who everyone calls “Pupsik”, was one of those who organized evacuation flights by boat. The man says that when he saved people, he often saw the invaders. They walked along the coast and looked at the fishermen. However, the Rashists were unprepared for the terrain. There were many paths in the Kiev region, along which fishermen took people out and delivered food. 

In March, the inhabitants of Fearwood began to experience a strange dryness in their mouths. The invaders who dug trenches in Chernobyl raised radiation dust, it even reached the village. 

Despite all the risks, despite the shelling and occupation, the fishermen saved people. They were not afraid and wanted to help anyone who could evacuate and needed food.

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    • Yes it is good to hear their stories and I’m sure there are a lot of them but there’s a constant reminder that none of this was necessary and SO many innocent people suffered and suffer.

      • It is heart warming to see such stories. That such stories have been needed is one reason why Ukrainians hate Russians and will fight to the end.

  1. Brave fishermen … and selfless heroes. There are no doubt thousands of heroic stories to be told during this war.
    Ukraine cannot be defeated.

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