12 reasons why the West should arm Ukraine, now!



Article by: Maria Berlinska

Source: Maria Berlinska Facebook

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

As the war intensifies in Ukraine’s southern regions and the eastern territories of the Donbas, Ukrainians everywhere turn to the West for additional military assistance. It is high time for the West to fully arm Ukraine, they say!

In the meantime, Putin and his army have changed tactics and strategy. They are regrouping and pushing even harder on Kharkiv and the Donbas, including Mariupol. They are repeating the horrors and suffering that they inflicted in Chechnya and Syria: systematically destroying civilian infrastructure and the civilian population.

In the first hours of the war, western experts predicted that Ukraine would fall in a few days, but they were proven wrong. The war is far from over.

Russia does not plan to stop. Putin’s propaganda machine openly states that Europe is the “next logical target” after Ukraine. So, either the West helps Ukraine stop Putin now, or the Kremlin Fuhrer will continue expanding his Russian Empire, killing thousands of men, women and children along the way.

On 26 April, 2022, defense ministers from over 40 nations met in Ramstein, Germany to coordinate their efforts to arm Ukraine. It was obvious to the world that American leaders from all sides of the political spectrum had changed their tone, from one of just helping Ukraine repel Russia, to helping Ukrainians weaken and defeat Russia for the long term.

Why the West should act NOW! 

1) Because the war must be stopped here in Ukraineand not allowed to expand further.

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, has access to two seas (Black and Azov Seas), operates five nuclear power plants, and has an important heavy industry sector.

If Putin is given free rein in Ukraine, he will definitely use all resources as a springboard to move beyond Ukraine’s borders. This not only threatens the security system of Europe, but that of the whole free world.

2) Because the 2022 war is a reflection of the irresponsible attitude adopted by world politicians in 2014.

Putin was not severely punished for occupying Crimea and invading the Donbas, both territories of a sovereign country – Ukraine. In fact, eight years ago, in 2014, Putin was allowed to change the world order, and there can be no doubt that he will use his terror playbook in other countries until he is stopped.

3) Because, since 2015, state-funded defense companies in Germany, France and Italy have bypassed sanctions and sold Putin weapons worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Today, civilians in Ukraine are being killed with these same weapons. Planned executions have been documented in Bucha and other cities.

Because EU countries continue to send billions of dollars to Russia in payment for oil and gas imports. Subsequently, this European money is used to finance Putin’s war machine.

4) Because Ukraine is a reliable partner and ally of the United States. 

Ukrainian peacekeepers have always joined worldwide peacekeeping missions at the request of the United States.

But, at the request of Ukraine, only tactical weapons have been provided, although Ukraine began asking for heavy weapons long before the actual invasion.

In many countries, political leaders believed that Ukraine would fall and surrender in three days. But, Ukraine’s resistance exceeded all expectations and surprised the international community.

Ukraine is still waiting for the weapons supply that it needs so badly. The delay costs thousands of civilian lives every day. Shortages of weapons and equipment prevent the Ukrainian army from protecting Ukraine’s peaceful population.

Besides Putin, who else will be responsible for the killings and rapes… of women and children?

5) Because Ukraine suffered greatly in the war with Nazi Germany. 

About ten million Ukrainians died in World War II. Both my grandfathers and one great-grandfather fought Hitler. My great-grandfather died in Poland.

Today, as Russia creates a new form of totalitarian fascism (see Umberto Eco’s list for identifying fascists), Germany must act… It is Germany’s historical and moral obligation to stand up and help Ukraine.

6) Because Ukrainians are ready to fight and defend the free world on their own.

Ukrainians do not ask foreign armies to fight by their side. Ukrainian men and women enlisted en masse and voluntarily in the first days of the war. Most are still waiting for active service, as there is not enough place for everyone in the army.

All we need in order to exercise our sacred right to self-defense is weapons, more iron and more steel!

7) Because we share common values and we feel and think of ourselves as part of the free Western world. 

We have a right to live according to the rule of law and basic human rights; democracy and transparency are our common future!

We must liberate all our compatriots who are currently suffering from mass shootings, rapes and torture. Otherwise, everything that western leaders have said, all the values we’ve believed in, will turn out to be a deceit.

Who will believe that human life is of the highest value, if no European country is able to protect thousands of innocent lives?

8) Because not one non-nuclear country could stand alone against Russia.

Ukraine’s defense budget is $6 billion, roughly equal to the military budgets of Finland or Sweden.

The Russian Federation finances military procurements amounting to $160-190 billion per year (the Kremlin pays for weapons in rubles and does not disclose the real numbers) and has a more developed military industry. I think any country under a similar attack would ask the whole civilized world for help.

9) Because Russia has officially and openly called for the genocide of the Ukrainian nation. 

You do not even have to be born a Ukrainian; it’s enough to identify yourself as a Ukrainian. In the past, hundreds of people of other nationalities – Poles, Belarusians, Georgians, Americans, Lithuanians, French, Germans, Greeks, etc. – were slaughtered because they considered themselves part of a community.

In early April, Russian propaganda organs announced that all Ukrainians must be exterminated, meaning – targeted genocide. Ukrainians are the new Jews. Ninety years have passed, and yet history repeats itself.

10) Because Ukraine voluntarily renounced nuclear weapons in exchange for security assurances from the United States, Britain, France and China.

Let’s keep our promises and act like decent people.

11) Because humanity does not end at the borders of the European Union or NATO.

Ukrainians are being exterminated because they have chosen freedom, because they feel that they belong to an international community of freedom-loving nations.

12) Because good must win over evil.

Because you cannot and should not betray your family, people whom you love, and who love you.

Because, at the cost of countless lives and heroic deeds of ordinary people, Ukraine is already victorious.

Because we are all human beings.

Top 7 weapons Ukraine requires NOW!

Ukraine needs high-precision, high-tech weapons. Immediately and in large quantities.

So far, the announcements made in Ramstein have not led to any concrete results that Ukraine and the whole world hope for. We need deliveries of heavy weapons today. And daily.

First of all, long-range artillery systems, anti-aircraft warfare and modern planes, fighter jets.

The Ukrainian army also requires high-precision weapons in order to avoid civilian casualties and quickly neutralize enemy hardware.

1) 90-100 M270 or HIMARS M142 multiple rocket launchers

Provision of different types of weapons that can eradicate the enemy at a range of up to 250-300 km. This will meet the needs of five field artillery divisions.

There are more than 1,000 such systems in the United States and Norway. Such weapons would enable the Ukrainian army to breach occupied cities such as Mariupol and dozens of others, and prevent further atrocities from being committed.

Using targeted fire from MLRS, the Ukrainian military will be able to unblock certain cities and areas, neutralizing enemy logistics and command posts near the occupied areas.

2) 250 Paladin M109A6 155mm artillery system with self-propelled medium-range howitzers

They will allow Ukrainian forces to keep the enemy at a distance and halt Russia’s advance and attacks on peaceful cities.

3) 800 advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles with extended range (AMRAAM-ER)

These missiles will protect the civilian population of large Ukrainian cities from constant air strikes

4) 55 F16 aircraft

To close the sky over Ukrainian cities, towns and villages and protect civilians

5) NASAMS surface-to-air missile defense systems

To shoot down Russian missiles flying into residential buildings, maternity hospitals, public buildings, etc.

6) Harpoon anti-ship missiles

At least 4-5 installations and 40-50 missiles

To protect Ukrainian cities from missiles launched by Russian ships

7) 7-8 MQ-9 Reaper UAVs

To target and neutralize Russian command posts

According to Mariya Berlinska’s latest Facebook post, there is an urgent need for the following equipment:

  1. Advanced military drones
  • SkyDio X2D Reconnaissance Drone
  • Autel Robotics EVO II Dual-R Thermal Drone
  • DJI Matrice 300 thermal imager
  • DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced
  1. Night vision devices
  • Genuine USGI Norotos NVG Rhino Mount with J-Arm for PVS-14
  • (PVS-14 manufacturers: AGM, EoTech, NVO, ATN, і т.д.
  • Preferably green phosphor, Gen3+ devices
  1. Walkie-talkies, repeaters, satellite phones
  • Motorola DP 4400, 4600, 4800
  • (frequency range 136-174 MHz
  • Satellite phones: Iridium, Thuraya
  1. Tourniquets/hemostatic agents 

Reliable brands only:

  • CAT (Combat application tourniquet) Gen7, North American Rescue
  • SOF TT (Special operation forces tactical tourniquet), Tactical Medical Solutions
  • TMT Tourniquet, Combat Medical Systems
  • SAM XT (Extremity tourniquet), SAM Medical
  • SICH Tourniquet, SICH Ukraine

Editor’s NoteOn 28 April, US President Joe Biden asked Congress for a new $33 billionweapons and aid package for Ukraine.

That same day, the US House passed legislation that would enable a World War II-type military Lend-Lease program. Passed by an overwhelming 417-10 vote, the bill now goes to the White House for President Joe Biden to sign into law.

All together, the funding appeal and so-called Lend-Lease program will send a clear message to Russia.

“This announcement was the clearest indication yet that the US believes Ukraine can win this war… and now Washington is investing significant resources in helping the Ukrainians do just that,” said Tyson Wetzel, Senior US Air Force fellow at the Scowcroft Center.

Deputy director of the Eurasia Center Melinda Haring states that recent US measures amount to “good moves, but not great” ones, considering that the funding request is intended to only last through September and does not include planes while Lend-Lease is “largely symbolic”.

“If Washington and the West want to end the conflict as soon as possible, giving Ukraine all of the equipment it needs now, including planes, before Moscow steps up its Donbas offensive and aggressively targets Odesa, is key. How many more Buchas will it take before we send planes?” says Haring.

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12 reasons why the West should arm Ukraine, now!


  1. Nice list. The sooner Vladolf Putin is defeated the sooner countries can replenish their supplies and think about the future. Too bad NATO already blew it because I’d bet Sevastopol would be a perfect base for them.

  2. I disagree that the west should arm Ukraine now. It should already have been done two months ago.

  3. I agree it should have been done already. It took this long to shake western nations out of their sleep, and they still haven’t fully woke up to reality.

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