In order to hide the insane losses of personnel in Ukraine, the Russian invaders are transporting the corpses of their soldiers in small batches and exclusively at night.

This is evidenced by another interception of the conversation of the invaders, published by the SBU.

“This significantly increases the delivery time, so sometimes relatives of the occupiers receive already “half-decayed cargo 200”, which must be additionally identified,” the department stressed.

Below is a fragment of the intercepted conversation of the invaders:

– Did you send Makeevich?

– He was brought today, according to preliminary data. I have to recognize him today.

– The wife is worried, they have been taking him for 6 days.

– They are transported in small packs so that people do not f**k. And at night…

One of the invaders stated that out of the entire composition of his company (about a hundred people), only 20-22 people survived. Nine more refused to continue the war and wrote a waiver.



  1. Just like everything else in Moskovia, everything is a lie. Or as Lavrov would describe them, they aren’t soldiers killed by Ukraine they were former military veterans vacationing in Ukraine that got heart problems

    • I could go for a vacation if the US military provides me with plenty of ‘splodey toys!

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