Hungary knew about the attack on Ukraine and wanted to take part of the territory

According to him, Putin warned Budapest about this.

 photo UNIAN
 photo UNIAN

Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that Hungary knew about the preparation of an attack on Ukraine.

He said this on the air of the  #UAtime telethon .

“Hungary openly declares its cooperation with the Russian Federation. Moreover, it was warned by Putin in advance that there would be attacks on our country. You saw its position,” Danilov said.

According to him, Hungary had plans for part of the territory of Ukraine.

“For some reason, she believed that she would be able to take her part of the territory. This will never happen. Well, we will see what consequences after this war will be for this country,” the NSDC Secretary stressed. 

Earlier it was reported that Hungary is again threatening to block the oil embargo against the Russian Federation.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. I’ll believe anything negative about this trash country. Hungary should be tossed out of both the EU and NATO. It is a rogue nation, a mooching maggot in the flesh of the two organizations.

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    • I am ladylike, so I wouldn’t have said what you just said…

      But I will say this:

      I couldn’t have said that better myself!

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    • Hello,

      I believe Putin should be handed over to Ukraine to stand for his war crimes, and what is happening in eastern Ukraine is ethnic cleansing turning into genocide. Fact.

      Also, I never voted for Orbán, I despise him, he stole so much that thousands of people are currently dying in Hungary of curable illnesses and injuries, because the waiting list is so long and the state of hospitals is so bad. Some says at least, 50000 people already died who could have been saved. For this and many others, I think Orbán and his ilk should be charged and have trial, hopefully with prison sentence (at the least).

      That said. Nothing is true about this “article”. Hungary signed a treaty with Ukraine on its independence about not having any territorial demands. This is true to this day. You burned several times our monuments in Kárpátalja, and blew up several houses and offices of Hungarian officials there, not to mention the latest language laws banning Hungarian from schools, and the demonstration by the right, where you said “Ukrainians are the masters, know this Hungarian slaves,” etc, etc. I don’t hate you for that, and I also believe that most Ukrainians don’t think like that. But it hurts, just for you to know. And it is completely unnecessary. We for example here we have radio stations and TV channels for minorities, and thankfully they are not so Americanized as Hungarian channels.

      This part of the war in 2022 seriously messed up Orbán’s plans, listen to every Fidesz propaganda unit before the attack, all they said that the Russians are not so stupid to attack, and it was a good idea for Fidesz to try to make a bridge between the east and the west bla-bla. Their entire existence hung on the fact that there will be no attack. The EU is so pissed that we don’t suck their dicks that, we needed other trade partners, that is why we traded also with Turkey, China the US and Russia. Before that, Germany dominated the sector. Before the start of the war 80% of all our gas came from Russia, Orbán got it cheap, so he introduced huge cuts on energy prices for everybody, some dumb fucks though “hey, he repaired the economy!”. Wrong. These cuts were only possible with cheap gas, Russia had the cheapest, so he chooses that, this helped him to win elections 4 times in a row (same with other resources from China). But if we have to get rid of Russian gas in a single day, then he is fucked, and basically everybody would freeze in winter, not only prices would be high. He would get caught lying, and lose immediately.

      As of 2020 and 2021 European reliance of Russian Natural Gas (how much percentage their natural gas comes from Russia):

      Austria 100%
      Czech Republic 100%
      Finland 100%
      Lithuania 100 %
      Latvia 100%
      Moldova 100%
      Hungary 95%
      Slovakia 85,4%
      Poland 75%
      Serbia 69%
      Germany 60%
      Romania 44,8%
      Italy 40%
      Greece 39%
      France 21%
      Netherlands 20%
      Sweden 12,7%
      Spain 10,4%
      Portugal 9,7%
      United Kingdom 6,7%
      Belgium 6,5%
      Spain 0%.
      Sweden 0%.

      Natural gas of the total energy consumption of the country 2020 and 2021:

      Netherlands 38%.
      UK 32%.
      Hungary 32%.
      Italy 31%.
      Germany 27%.
      Slovakia 25%.
      France 21%.
      Austria 19 %.
      Spain 19 %.
      Poland 13%.
      Lithuania 11%.
      Finland 3%.
      Sweden 1%.

      If you only view the first column, you could say “wow, Finland is in deep shit, 100% of their gas is coming from Russia”, but their gas is only 3% of their total energy consumption, so they would need to cut only 3%. Easy to do, and then they can say to you: “look Ukraine we are with you, we cut 100 % of our gas, badass move? Isn’t it?”

      Now look at Hungary we are 95% dependent, but that would we have to cut not 3%, but one third of our energy sector. Not doable in weeks.

      Austria only has to cut 19%, still they are vetoing it.

      Germany is only 60% dependent, and their gas in their energy sector is 27%, that means a 16% cut if they stop using Russian gas (overall from their energy sector). Yet they are still vetoing the new sanctions.

      What we said is: we will find a new source which is closer to the price we got right now, after that we start to transfer away from Russian energy. Quite reasonable, if we consider how pathetically small Hungary is to the Russian economy.

      Also, there is Russian oil, which is insignificant to Russia and their war effort, because Hungary only buys 1,4 %. But 80% dependent, so we buy really little, but nevertheless really need it. This means that cutting Russian gas hurts Hungary and not Russia, and also Ukraine, because you can’t have the tariff. The winner will be expensive US energy and the Middle-East.

      Russia’s most important oil export partners before the war other than Hungary. This was at approx 2020.

      US 0,95 %.
      UK 1,11 %.
      Slovakia 2%.
      Japan 2,9%.
      Finland 3,8 %.
      Belarus 4,9%.
      Italy 5,2 %.
      Poland 5,8 %.
      Korea 6,9 %.
      Germany 8.7 %.
      Netherlands 13 %.
      China 32,8 %.

      Now in 2021 these were the biggest importers of oil in Europe:

      Greece $ 3,2 billion.
      Italy $ 4,2 bln.
      Slovakia $ 4 bln.
      Lithuania $ 4,2 bln.
      United Kingdom $ 6,1 bln.
      Belgium $ 6,6 bln.
      Finland $ 6,7 bln.
      Netherlands $ 11,4 bln.
      Poland $ 14,7 bln.
      Germany $ 23,6 bln.

      200000 Hungarians pose no threat to 40 million Ukrainians, and if they do, then that would mean, that Ukraine is so weak, that it couldn’t defend itself from Russia. This is not the case. I don’t think that terrorizing minorities will strengthen the Ukrainian language or culture, at best you would only gain, 200000 assimilates. There is a really sinister enemy around what you have to defend against, not just the sociopathic Russia (enemies like that are easily identifiable). Not 200000 peasants and a weak ass country to support them would cause you troubles.

      I precisely know why Ukrainian officials hate on Hungary, nothing to do with Putin. Ukrainian politicians hate us, because we are weak, and since the EU also hates us, this is a very low risk fight to have. Hating on somebody gets the community together (it’s like scapegoating), it helps their career, especially in nationalistic circles. Hating on Hungary is also very good for the EU, one of the weakest great powers, whose decline is the fastest in the world. They have a boogieman (also in Orbán), which always comes handy. They can push through the federalization faster (see, step out of the line, and the same thing happens to you, what happened to Hungary, you will be vilified, and cut off every fund). Read the Lisbon treaty and Dublin regulations.

      Despite the fact that we help hundreds of thousands of refugees, transported 130 million cubic meters of gas into Ukraine alone in February, send everything food, clothes also to Kiev, and even weapons. Yes. Orbán said we will not transport weapons through the HUNGARIAN-UKRAINIAN border, that is what he promised to the 1 million Fidesz voters, that he won’t endanger Hungary. But this shifty son of a bitch transported the weapons to the Slovakian-Hungarian-Ukrainian triple border point, give it to Slovaks, then the Slovaks immediately took it to Ukraine. See, that is how populism works, “I kept my promise yo.”

      So he is also playing in your team guys, don’t worry, he knows he must get away from Russian gas, he announced it already in 2018, that in 2022 we will be diversifying. But it didn’t happen, he stole too much, he couldn’t keep up the rate of stealing and satisfying his buddies, and finish every project at the same time.

      That is why he wanted to play with everybody, so he can have a free moving space, not dependent on the EU, so his buddies can stay longer in power, so he can steal everything in Hungary. Right now, we face two futures here:

      – Orbán is staying, and the country slowly dies, everybody with a brain emigrates, only the poor will stay, and eventually we go extinct.

      – The opposition whose leader is Gyurcsány (the infamous liar) gets again into power, and they will let the westerners steal everything (like they did before), plus accepting refugee quotas. So we will be in the situation like the west, lots of ethnic and religious strife, terrorism, even more declining population, and eventual extinction.

      I have an advice for you Ukrainians, get every help from the EU, but never believe, that it will be free. Don’t believe any word they say. Don’t choose the west, don’t choose the east, choose Ukraine.

      One example: under leftist government we agreed to dismantle all of our sugar factories (Hungary had the cheapest sugar, we produced so much), because we had to fall in line, and the EU though that it is better to buy cheaper Brazilian sugar, from sugarcane. They give incentives, money for demolitions, if you continued the operation of the factory, you got nothing. So we did that. A few years later Brazil decided to use the sugarcane for bio-diesel, the price went up, suddenly Hungarian sugar was again 10 times better, or would have been, because we did not have the factories anymore.

      Look at every economic chart and marker after the fall of the Soviet Union (which collapse ideologically and politically was good). Every central European country goes into free fall. The westerners bough trillions worth of infrastructure and factories for a few cents. Look it up. Then fired the workers and scrapped them. Of course, they needed traitorous leftist politicians. Then due to this economic collapse they put these states in bad financial categories, hence when their banks come in they offered the worst kind of loans and deals to the people. It was like a wild west, anything goes. The introduction of the stock exchange was even worse, free stealing generally. They knew that everybody was in euphoria after the fall of the genocidal Soviet Union, that everybody viewed the west as the next messiah, so they used this information, these gullible fools (us, Czechs, Hungarians, Slovaks, Romanians, Poles, etc.).

      This was the economic ruination.

      Now comes the cultural.

      I don’t know how it is in Ukraine, but right now in Hungary, you cannot hear Hungarian songs for example in shops. Only the latest American ones. People, especially young ones, started to drop Hungarian words in their speech and replace them with English ones. I am not overdramatizing. It is noticeable. If you say anything about this, they label you a fascist. It would be really hard for you to find in Hungary a clothes store, with Hungarian themes or Hungarian text on the products. Nigh impossible. The commercials increasingly drop Hungarian language in favor of English in TV. There are no Hungarian movies or series, maybe a few, but not even French, Spanish or German, what used to be, only Americans. The signs for shops, the names of companies, the descriptions of new public buildings are getting rid of Hungarian rapidly. All while under Orbán, and he is labeled as a nationalist. He is a whore. The nationalistic paternal nation saving power is on the surface, underneath it the west already annihilated Hungarian culture.

      And they say, “Look you cannot stop young people to choose what they want, this is freedom of choice!”, right, but know that the playing field is not even, how can Hungarian films compete with Hollywood? How can Hungarian culture stay afloat in the everyday life of people, when Americanization is omnipresent? Check Iceland, young people in schools used to read old sagas, as a fun exercise, now almost none of them can do that, they are in even worse condition culturally, very weak online support, almost no software producers make Icelandic translations, so small their market is.

      I am asking you, is everything based on the market or money? How can you value culture? Is financially getting ahead worth loosing your culture? Think about it, these countries, Russia included, were colonial giants, sucked the world dry of resources, got rich of it, built financial and cultural centers, managed to innovate with the money, based on these inventions they maintained their economic and cultural power after loosing most of their territorial possessions. (Internet anyone?, yes I am writing to you in English, and you can understand it, that is a positive, but I am unwilling to trade my culture for that).

      You maybe not interested and that is understandable, there is a fucking war, with rape and slaughter against you. But don’t be too careless after you won over Moscow. You will win, that is for sure. But don’t let the euphoria cloud your judgement, yes, the west will help you rebuild after the war. Free of charge, or with a small fee, initially. But at the end, you must pay with your culture.

      Have you ever played Age of Empires 2? Did you care about the well-being of your villagers? Or what language the spoke? No, you wanted to have shit done, cut that fucking tree, bring it to base, maybe you cared about the bonuses the individual nation gave to you. The EU bureaucrats are the same, to them, it is totally unimportant who pays the taxes, or what language they speak, only that they pay. They are globalist cosmopolitans, they have no fucking loyalty, only to themselves. They want a stupid blob of a people without any history or self-respect, easier to control.

      Tread very lightly after your victory.

      I know right now this happening to Ukraine is outlandish, the west is your friend, yes. Because they fear Putin more, than they despise you. If somebody from their former colonies is a patriot, then that is okay, because of past colonization they have to make amends (plus they need to suck Africa dry again, hypocrites). But if we do it, we will always be reactionaries, you know “We should know better, we should act civilized”. Of course, what is civilization is what THEY define (the West). They are still racist towards central and eastern Europeans, we are in their sphere of influence, they won’t let us go, they won’t let you go…

      Use them! Use everything anybody offers to you. But pay in money, not in your dignity. We Hungarians are already done for, but the fewer nations go extinct and dissolve into the great globalist blob, the better. We need diversity in cultures, religions, environment and species, etc. and we are losing them every day.

      Anyway, I have so many stories to tell you if you want to hear my opinion about how this power structure works. Both about Hungary and abroad. I wanted to give a little sneak-peak, hence I sacrificed a bit of coherence.

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  2. Well that’s surprising for me, but I definitely want to see more details of the investigation. If this is true, then Hungary should probably be included to a lesser degree, of paying compensation for aiding Russia’s invasion.

    Also, this article by the NY Post mentioned putin is indeed confirmed for cancer surgery and temporarily transferring his personal authority to one of his peons.

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    • I guess you never heard that Saddam gassed the Kurds in Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands of them. Are you apologizing for Saddam’s use of WMD?
      And how do you know this pretext is false? Do you work for Hungary? No? Perhaps you’re just another Kremlin agitator and propagandist…

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    • It was repeatedly denied that there were MD in Iraq. The problem for you, and morons like Scott Ritter, is WMD were found. Ritter said there was no nuke program in Iraq, but 122 tonnes of yellowcake was found in Iraq. There is no need for yellow cake if you don’t have a nuke program. Iraq also had a working nuke reactor that was taken apart and sent to Syria (there were massive truck convoys headed for Syria just as the US was entering). In 2007, Israel destroyed that reactor in NE Syria where the Assad regime had reassembled it.

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    • You clearly understand nothing, little guy. Mafia land attacked an innocent nation, is committing horrible war crimes, even to children. You do not expect malice? What do you expect? Flowers and box of fucking candy for Putin?

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  3. Should Ukraine not rather gather friends and thank you from time to time instead of demanding? Thus, the sympathy of the Commonwealth, which was won because of the war, will soon be lost. Then only the U.S. will remain with them as the only ally that will not save them because its interests are no longer strong enough to do so. This war is not about Ukraine, but about the US-Russia war. Instead of uniting against both, Europe is sticking to each other. Here, Ukraine and the EU are also just one foot on the chessboard. Unfortunately, the Ukrainians have not yet grasped this.


      • If someone attacks you, will you kick the one who helps? Please don’t talk nonsense! Do you know that since the Russians have not given gas to Ukraine, they have been receiving it from the Hungarians? Do you also know how Ukraine treats its minorities? With such laws, Ukraine has no chance of EU membership. 😦 (The last law now came into force on January 1st!) A little more “thank you” and fewer demands, please! Putin should go to jail, but Ukraine’s attitude is not very sympathetic either. Why isn’t Ukraine demanding the US and England? In the Budapest Treaty, they guaranteed the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Ukraine has replaced its pro-Russian president with a U.S. friend. Putin is crazy, but as we know Trump was crazy too, Biden is just a puppet, a senile old man. All my condolences go to the people of Ukraine, but this is partly due to their own politicians.


    • That’s complete bullshit. Poland, the UK, the Baltic States and the Czech Republic, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Norway, Denmark, Slovakia and Finland will definitely remain friends of Ukraine.
      “This war is not about Ukraine, but about the US-Russia war.”
      Your ignorance is baffling. You should go post comments on the Disney website.

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    “Hungarian foreign affairs reacted, saying that arms transfers were the problem
    Update: Tamás Menczer, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responded with a short note to Danyilov’s statement. “Our decision is clear: we will not deliver weapons to the war in Ukraine. The Hungarian people decided on this issue quite clearly on April 3 ”.

    We understand that the Ukrainian government is not happy with this decision, but we will not change this decision even if more and more rude lies and nonsense stories are invented every day.

    – written by.”


  5. I am Hungarian, and we would never want to take Ukraine’s territories…. Have you not learned Hungarian history? I am reading the comments stating that we are so bad, and a bunch of maggots and even worse, a rogue nation…. Ummm what? Since when? Is this some kind of me2 movement against Hungary? Everyone is so cool and nice except Hungary, right? We are helping Ukranian refugees and sending them aids on a daily basis, despite the atrocities made by some Ukranians against the minority Hungarians (Kárpátalja) , and yet Ukraine is constantly stating stuff like this… It mesmerises me how everyone just believes what they are stating . Without any thinking or research.

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    • In this regard, it is actually your pathetic president Orban that is meant, and those who support him. We also rant about pathetic Germany and Austria too, for their deplorable behavior.

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    Before the lie emerges that Orbán alone in the EU does not want a Russian energy embargo, here is a relatively good OPPOSITE article about Orbán’s actions in this regard. Unfortunately, the reality is that in Hungary, in the last 30 years, only Orbán has taken steps to break away from Russia’s energy dependence. Unfortunately, this is true not only for Hungary, but also for its neighbors, practically for the entire EU. (The U.S. has done a great deal to prevent Romanian extraction from starting, which could have triggered Russian gas.) So much for Orbán’s defense. Unfortunately, the EU is so stupid that, although it has now faced how dangerous it is to depend on ane country for energy supplies, it now intends to replace relatively cheap Russian energy with much more expensive Americans (which, moreover, are transported in a very polluting way). it will depend on one country in the same way. This will not change the situation in Ukraine, because there is a shortage of energy in the world, the Russians will soon find a buyer for their oil and gas. The Ukrainians will be all the more affected by the embargo because, on the one hand, they will drop transit fees and, on the other hand, they will be able to buy expensive US gas from the EU. In this, too, Ukraine’s behavior is foolish, because it demands that the EU not buy gas from the Russians, but at the same time pocketing transport tariffs.


    • In whose universe are you living in? Orban took a billion dollar loan from Putin. Just before the outbreak of the war. Doesn’t sound like someone who wants to break ties with that scum bag

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    • (You probably haven’t read the article. If you had read it, you wouldn’t have written nonsense. It contains facts about built-in interconnectors, Romanian pre-contract, etc. And this was written by an anti-Orban newspaper.)


  7. […] Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov accuses Hungary of having advance knowledge of the Russian invasion, saying that Hungary was warned by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that Hungary had plans to annex parts of Western Ukraine. (Ukraine Today)  […]

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    • You posted a link to a piece that rehashes the same lying Kremlin propaganda that has been repeatedly excreted out since 2014. It is written by professional Kremlin shills. All of it is lies designed to justify an invasion and holocaust inflicted upon innocent Ukrainians.
      Incidentally, no such “no inch further” pledge was ever made to Gorbachev, as he himself confirmed. In fact the Eastern European members could not wait to become members, because they know that fuhrer putler only attacks non-Nato members.

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      • According to them, Russians work for the Washington Times. If you make such harsh claims, you wouldn’t need some evidence either. Without proof, this is just propaganda.


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