EU prepares to “congratulate” Putin on May 9 with the sixth package of sanctions – media

It is reported that the new package of restrictions contains a phased oil embargo.

New sanctions may be in time just in time for May 9 / REUTERS illustrationNew sanctions may be in time just in time for May 9 / REUTERS illustration

The EU is close to approving the sixth package of sanctions against the aggressor country Russia. The restriction will also affect Belarus , which has actually been waging war against Ukraine since the first days of the Russian invasion.

They plan to announce new restrictions for countries by the sacred holiday of all “Putinists” – May 9, Radio Liberty correspondent Rikard Jozwiak said .

According to him, representatives of EU member states should receive a new package of anti-Russian sanctions by Wednesday, May 4. After familiarization, the restrictions are planned to be introduced no later than May 9.

What will be included in the sixth package of EU sanctions

According to Politico, the sixth package of sanctions should include a phased oil embargo. The restriction will also affect Russian banks, in particular Sberbank , as well as a much wider range of Russian individuals.

It is known that the import of Russian oil is planned to be phased out until the end of 2022. At the same time,  a certain formula of exceptions may work for Hungary and Slovakia , given the diversification difficulties for these states.

The latest for today, the fifth package of EU sanctions against Ros AI, entered into force on April 8 . It included a ban on the purchase of Russian coal from August 2022 and a ban on Russian ships from entering EU ports. Transportation to Belarus and the Russian Federation is also prohibited, but there are exceptions for certain goods.

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    • The cherry on top would be delivering Putin Shoigu’s head in a bag with a message, “We told you to go fuck yourself and you didn’t listen. Who’s next?”

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