Buryats near Kyiv ate dog food and said it was delicious – volunteer

The human rights activist told how the Russian invaders behaved in the suburbs of the capital.

The consequences of the occupation of the suburbs of Kyiv / photo UNIAN, Sergei ReveraThe consequences of the occupation of the suburbs of Kyiv / photo UNIAN, Sergei Revera

During the occupation of the suburbs of Kiev , the Russian military in places did not allow volunteers to bring food for local residents, while some invaders fell in love with bread and dog food.

Volunteer, journalist and human rights activist Konstantin Gudauskas spoke about this in an interview with the Gordon website.

“At first, the orcs did not let our help and took everything. They were Buryats. I would say they looked like homeless people. When I saw them for the first time, I did not believe that they were soldiers. The only thing that indicated this was the weapons and the presence Colorado ribbons with which they were tied from head to toe. bathed, and very hungry,” said Gudauskas.

According to him, hot bread at first was a “pass” to the occupied territories.

“Once I was carrying dog food. There were German canned food. The Buryats took the whole package, and then they also said that the canned food was very tasty. In principle, since they were hungry, I stopped by Silpo every morning and bought hot bread. This bread was my pass. They were crazy about it, they said that they had never eaten such a tasty one,” the volunteer said.

According to him, the invaders often threatened the volunteers with execution and forbade the evacuation of people.

“As far as I understand, they just covered themselves with civilians, kept people like a human shield, and they didn’t even allow food to be sent there,” Gudauskas said.

Recall that during the Russian occupation, the Russians committed war crimes in the occupied territories, repressing and killing civilians. According to the latest data, 1,202 civilians have already been found in the Kiev region , who were killed by Putin’s troops.

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