WICKER: Ukraine will need U.S. help for the long haul

 Guest Editorial

-April 29, 2022


“We need to give Ukraine the tools they need to defeat Russia even if it takes months or years,” Wicker writes.

Vladimir Putin thought he could seize the capital of Ukraine in three days. Yet after two months of bloody fighting, Ukrainian troops have staved off defeat. Russia has lost over 15,000 troops and is now regrouping for a major offensive in eastern Ukraine. In their wake, they have left a devastating trail of murder, torture, and shattered lives. Evidence of war crimes against civilians has shocked the world, and cities like Mariupol, once vibrant, are now leveled, with men, women, and children buried under rubble. Putin’s atrocities are among the worst since World War II.

Ukrainian troops have fought heroically. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, they have destroyed roughly 1,000 Russian tanks, 4,000 ground vehicles, and more than 300 manned aircraft according to Ukrainian reports. Russia has lost potentially a quarter of its initial invasion force, its elite paratroopers have been mostly wiped out, and the pride of its navy fleet, the Moskva, is no more, having been sunk by Ukrainian missiles. In addition, Putin has lost nine generals and has placed his war effort under new command. Yet the Russians still hold the advantage in numbers and artillery, making the outcome of this war uncertain.

In his recent Easter address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy showed the strength of heart that has sustained his people throughout the war. He vowed that no “wickedness” would ever destroy Ukraine and offered a prayer for endurance: “Let us not lose our longing for freedom. Let us not lose our zeal for a righteous fight.” Such resolve has rallied the entire free world to Ukraine’s cause.

U.S. Prepares More Aid for Ukraine

With the war entering a second phase, members of Congress are preparing a new military aid package for Ukraine. Congress had already approved $6.5 billion in defense aid in March, which will soon run out. President Biden is now seeking a $33 billion aid package. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I am working to ensure this bill provides much-needed helicopters and drones, as well as the anti-tank and anti-air missiles that have been so decisive in repelling the Russians.

Despite these funding efforts, it is still taking too long to get weapons into Ukrainian hands. As I had requested, President Biden recently appointed Terry Wolff, a retired general, to coordinate the delivery of aid, which should help speed up the process. Even so, the Administration has resisted Ukraine’s request for certain assets like MiG fighter jets. President Zelenskyy recently met with Biden officials and renewed his request for these jets, as well as tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, and missiles.

Putin Must Lose This War

President Reagan once called the Soviet Union “the focus of evil in the modern world.” After two months of unprovoked brutality, it is obvious that the Kremlin remains one of the chief forces for evil in our world. For all his recent failures, President Biden did the right thing in calling Putin’s war what it is: an attempt at “genocide” and an effort to “wipe out the idea of being Ukrainian.” Yet with this moral clarity comes a solemn obligation to help the Ukrainian people achieve victory.

Russia is now preparing more bloodshed and a long-term occupation in eastern Ukraine. We need to give Ukraine the tools they need to defeat Russia even if it takes months or years. Like West Germany during the Cold War, Ukraine has become the front line in the contest between freedom and despotism. They will need our help for the long haul.


Submitted by Senator Roger Wicker


  1. Love this guy!
    What seems to me to be a completely rational, mainstream position is currently envisioned as “hawkish” or even “Russophobic” by some.
    It must be the objective for all decent influencers to ensure that Mr Wicker’s position prevails. Wouldn’t it be great if he could become the first president since Ron Reagan to understand Russian threats and how to respond?
    In a 2021 interview with Neil Cavuto about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Wicker said the U.S. should not “rule out first-use nuclear action” as an option to support Ukraine.
    That should become official doctrine.

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  2. Ukraine’s fight reminds many southerners of the Confederate Army (although we were the bad guys back then 😎) fighting the yankees from the industrialized North, outnumbering us by far and having better equipment and modern rifles. Like Dixie – Ukraine needs an excellent military commander, and i know Zaluzhny is one. But active US strategic assistance is needed. Experienced US generals should join the ukrainian command to coordinate a counter-offensive and the full liberation of the entire Donbas. Crimea should be settled diplomatically after Ukraine’s victory. Wicker is a great guy, he should run for president. We have more than ever the urgent need for a real president, not chinese, ruSSian and german puppets.

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  3. “Russia has lost over 15,000 troops and is now regrouping for a major offensive in eastern Ukraine.”

    The death toll is closer to around 21,000 and the regrouping has been achieved. Is this article old or is the author not up-to-date?

    “Yet the Russians still hold the advantage in numbers and artillery, making the outcome of this war uncertain.”

    No, the outcome is not uncertain. We are now going on the second week of the Donbass offensive, and what has mafia land to show for? They are screwing this up like they screwed up the Kyiv effort. And, just recently, Ukraine has been assured heavy weapons, which have largely not played a role yet. Once they come to play, things will look even grimmer for the cockroach army.

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    • Article is written by Mr Wicker. He may be going on UK and US intel, which suggests 15,000 confirmed.
      Unfortunately the putinazis are regrouping and going on the offensive. Ukraine can’t take back Kherson oblast; a large swathe of land absolutely vital to Ukraine’s interests, without the 3-1 numerical superiority recommended for retaking and holding land, as well as defend the areas currently under attack.
      Conclusion: Ukraine is short of manpower, but I don’t know why.
      It can defend the Donbas and retake lost land, but it needs a whole shitload of help; more than it’s getting at present.

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      • Long term help would be membership with NATO but that pension club has shown its soft underbelly the last several months by acting cowardly and showing their fundamental weakness, the unanimity requirement to do anything. I will never forgive Germany or the pink frilly dress wearers in the Penagon that blocked weapons for Ukraine.

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