What are global fmcg brand companies doing about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

May 1st, 2022

What is on their corporate websites?

Some random examples from some of the largest ones:


“Our hearts are broken by this terrible war in Ukraine. Our primary focus and absolute priority is the safety of our Associates in the region. We continue to work hard to provide our courageous Ukrainian colleagues with the support they need. Teams of Mars Associates are working tirelessly to help Associates who are still in Ukraine, as well as those who make it across the borders. We will increase our cash and in-kind donation to humanitarian causes by $10 million in addition to the $2 million committed to affected people and pets last week. 

Mars has operated in Russia for over 30 years, and we employ almost 6,000 Associates who have been a vital part of our company for decades. We will continue to support them, but business as usual is not an option. This is a humanitarian crisis, and this guides all our actions. We have decided to scale back our business and will refocus our efforts in Russia on our essential role in feeding the Russian people and pets. Any profits from our Russian business will be used for humanitarian causes. We have suspended new investments in Russia and will not import or export our products in or out of Russia. Our social media and advertising activity in Russia and Belarus will remain suspended. 

This is a fast-moving and uncertain situation – if we need to take further action we will not hesitate to do so. We reiterate our support to the innocent victims of this war and call for a peaceful resolution. Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine and all those impacted by these terrible events.”

Annual T/O of Mars is $27.5 billion, so the amounts they mention are piffling. Plus they don’t mention that they were still investing heavily in Russia until very recently and have no intention of pulling out.


“The scale of the humanitarian crisis brought on by this conflict is extraordinary, and P&G is committed to help.

P&G employees are stepping up to support and organize relief efforts. Many are deeply involved, and our colleagues in Central and Southeastern Europe are offering their time and expertise to help the people directly affected. Among their efforts, many have opened their homes to colleagues or refugees, while others are providing transportation from the Ukrainian border to safe places.

P&G is also contributing meaningfully with a multimillion-dollar product donation program to provide essential products as many displaced people from Ukraine are in significant need of diapers, shampoos, toothpastes, toothbrushes and various other cleaning, health and hygiene products.

In addition, P&G is providing substantial financial support to our relief partners, including the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, GlobalMedic, the International Medical Corps and Save the Children. Our partners use these resources to provide shelter and health services in Ukraine as well as in the other affected countries.

Importantly, this financial support also includes a significant employee matching gift program. Thousands of P&G employees from more than 40 countries have generously donated, and their donations are being matched by the Company.

We are thankful and grateful for the efforts of P&G people and our humanitarian relief partners to support the people of Ukraine, and we remain committed to our stepping up to help those affected. Going forward, our priorities remain to protect the health, safety and well-being of our P&G colleagues; to maximize the availability of P&G products to help people and their families with their cleaning, health and hygiene needs; and to support the communities, relief agencies and people who are in need.”

P&G has no intention of leaving RuSSia.


“We continue to condemn the war in Ukraine as a brutal and senseless act by the Russian state.

“Our business operations in Ukraine have stopped and we are now fully focused on ensuring the safety of our Ukrainian employees and their families, including helping with their evacuation where necessary, and providing additional financial support. We have also committed to donate €5m of essential Unilever products to the humanitarian relief effort.

“We have suspended all imports and exports of our products into and out of Russia, and we will stop all media and advertising spend. We will not invest any further capital into the country nor will we profit from our presence in Russia. We will continue to supply our everyday essential food and hygiene products made in Russia to people in the country. We will keep this under close review.

“We join calls for an end to this war and hope that peace, human rights, and the international rule of law will prevail.”

“Alan Jope,
Unilever CEO”

This is better. They were still selling ice cream in Russia, but now seem to have discontinued that operation.


“SPAR Aid for Ukraine

Since the outbreak of war on February 24, the displacement of Ukrainian citizens has increased rapidly. Our efforts are focused on the provision of essential support and aid to the innocent citizens of Ukraine in the face of this worsening humanitarian crisis. This donation page is aimed at raising money for two charities currently providing relief in Ukraine: Malteser International and World Central Kitchen.

What kind of support does SPAR provide?

SPAR International has been intensively engaging with SPAR Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, working hard to ensure food and medical aid can reach the country’s citizens. As the need for urgent support continues to grow, we have established this SPAR Donation page to facilitate fund-raising by our SPAR Colleagues, Retailers, Business Partners, and customers across our global network. SPAR International will donate the funds raised to these two global aid organisations which are providing much-needed support directly to those most affected by this humanitarian crisis.

What will the money be spent on?

Your donation today will contribute towards the purchase of products and equipment urgently needed to cook on the front lines in Ukraine and for field kitchens supporting families crossing the border and arriving at Refugee Reception Centres. Your support will also make it possible to organise relief transport, organise suitable accommodation, and provide medical care for Ukrainians.

More information can be seen on the official websites of these two organisations:

• Malteser International (malteser-international.org)

• World Central Kitchen (wck.org)

We are truly inspired by the courage, determination, and commitment of the Ukrainian people to care for their communities. We will continue to do what we can to support them.”

Spa fails to mention that it is still trading normally in Russia.

McDonalds :


Cocoa Cola :



“As we watched the war in Ukraine unfold with horror and heartache, PepsiCo leaders and colleagues acted quickly to make sure our Ukrainian associates were safe. We then swiftly explored how we could support the significant humanitarian needs of refugees flowing into neighboring countries.

Here are the actions we’ve taken to care for our people and impacted communities:

Taking Care of Our People

We currently have more than 3,100 associates living and working in Ukraine. Roughly half (about 1,600 families) have sheltered in their homes. Roughly 30% (about 1,000 families) are staying in Ukraine but moving west, and roughly 20% (about 500 families) have crossed the border into Poland, Romania, or the Czech Republic. Since the start of the war, our teams in each country have been working tirelessly to support their colleagues. Here are just a few examples of this heroic work:

In Ukraine, we are doing everything in our power to care for our PepsiCo families remaining in the country. With the movement from Kyiv and other parts towards Western Ukraine, we are providing accommodations and financial support for more than 300 employees and their families. We also transformed our warehouse in Lviv to serve as a safe haven and pit stop for those transitioning to more permanent housing in Western Ukraine or heading towards the Polish border. So far, around 150 people have used the facility.”

PepsiCo is still doing business in Russia.

Kraft Heinz

“While we continue to closely assess the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Kraft Heinz has suspended all new investments in Russia, and has also suspended all exports of Kraft Heinz products to Russia as well as imports of products from Russia. Additionally, we have donated $1 million USD to the Red Cross to address the humanitarian crisis, and we’ve implemented a $2 to $1 company match for employees who wish to personally donate to the Red Cross. We have also made several in-kind donations, including our Pudliszki brand in Poland donating food products to the local Red Cross, helping feed refugees arriving from Ukraine.”


“As the war rages in Ukraine, our activities in Russia will focus on providing essential food, such as infant food and medical/hospital nutrition — not on making a profit. This approach is in line with our purpose and values. It upholds the principle of ensuring the basic right to food.

Going forward, we are suspending renowned Nestlé brands such as KitKat and Nesquik, among others. We have already halted non-essential imports and exports into and out of Russia, stopped all advertising, and suspended all capital investment in the country. Of course, we are fully complying with all international sanctions on Russia.

While we do not expect to make a profit in the country or pay any related taxes for the foreseeable future in Russia, any profit will be donated to humanitarian relief organizations.

This is in addition to the hundreds of tons of food supplies and significant financial assistance that we have already contributed to support the people in Ukraine and refugees in neighboring countries. And these efforts will continue. We stand with the people of Ukraine and our 5,800 employees there.”

In addition there is quite a large section outlining Nestle support for Ukraine:-



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  1. I picked the fmcg category simply because it is amongst the most high profile. These are fabulously wealthy companies that rely on goodwill and repeat purchases. Their level of support seems disproportionately low in relation to that wealth.

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