The words of the terrorist Girkin about Ukraine’s strike on the Crimean bridge caused panic among the traitors

They will strike when they consider it possible and profitable, Girkin stated.

Ukraine will do it in any case, the militant said, commenting on a possible strike on the Crimean bridge / RoksolanaToday&CrimeaUkraine will do it in any case, the militant said, commenting on a possible strike on the Crimean bridge / RoksolanaToday&Crimea

Local traitors in the occupied Crimea became alarmed after the words of the terrorist Girkin that Ukraine could hit the Crimean bridge .

On the eve of Girkin, in his YouTube blog, he confirmed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have the ability to hit the Crimean bridge if Russia does the same with bridges in mainland Ukraine.PlayUnmute

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This is how the FSB terrorist commented on the recent  statement by the adviser to the head of the OP Alexei Arestovich .

The Russian militant noted that Ukraine would do it in any case, “when it considers it possible and profitable.” Girkin gave an example of the recent sinking of the Moskva cruiser by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“And the fact that they can hit, the Moskva cruiser is a witness that they can. Sorry, drowning the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet is not a pound of raisins for you …. Nevertheless, they drowned it with several anti-ship missiles. Therefore, theoretically, with the help of expensive “Western partners, they can launch a rocket at the Crimean bridge after some time. Moreover, whether ours will hit the viaducts or not, they will do it anyway sooner or later. They will hit when they consider it possible and profitable. And if someone in the Kremlin hopes that if we don’t touch them, they won’t touch us – they will definitely hurt when they consider it profitable for themselves. Well, then it will be too late to answer,” the militant said.

Some users on social networks shared that they had already left the peninsula, someone criticized Putin for indiscretion, etc.

  • I left the peninsula a week ago … I left everything: the house, furniture, things, but I will remain alive and unharmed.
  • While our army is at the parade, the Ukrainians will enter the Crimea. Here, remember my predictions.
  • Unfortunately, with the weapons that the Americans gave, blowing up the bridge is only a matter of time. I agree with Girkin
  • Hoh*** get new weapons every day and the threat level is getting higher.
  • It remains only to hit the bridge – and that’s it, we are in a trap. You have to go while you still have the chance.
  • For Mariupol, they obviously will not feel sorry for anyone. But even here, among their own, many began to say that they were ready to return back to the Ukrainian junta. These well-wishers will be the first to leak information about what happened on the peninsula, and will also put labels.

  • With hoh *** did not cope. Now the NATO country will enter into a confrontation. Then we’re definitely done.
  • Hoch*** will not be forgiven for Bucha and Mariupol. They are very embittered and will also take revenge without pitying us. With new weapons from the west, they will soon go on the attack. Nobody will stop them now. I decided to take my family and leave.
  • This only indicates that he (Girkin – ed.) realized that Putin had lost the war. I think that we need to come to an agreement with Ukraine, otherwise, when they return the Crimea, they will simply kill us.
  • On May 1, we are going to leave the Crimea as a group. In 2014, we went over to the side of Russia, which promised to protect us. Now we are forced to flee the peninsula. Russia must provide us with shelter – and the more we go to Krasnodar, the more we will be able to influence the authorities in Krasnodar.
  • (C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Girkin was GRU.

    The scum that betrayed Crimea deserve to die. Run while you still can.

    • I’d prefer they just stand there and die. Never thought I could be so vicious. But they deserve everything that hell can rain in them.

      • Our viciousness is a natural and direct consequence of the utterly inhumane actions by an inhumane enemy.

  2. These cretins are doing what all cretins do at first sight of looming clouds on the horizon; jump ship. I hope that the bridge does get destroyed and that these hoodlums are on it when it happens.

    • I’m no general but I think we should do with the bridge as we’ve done with other orc weapons, use it against them.
      I would like to see Ukraine and Georgia border each other…again. I also think the ruSSia has proven they are not civilized enough to border the Sea of Azov and should lose that territory because it will be a threat to Ukraine. I doubt most of the Rostov would object.
      If that is too aggressive after this war, fine, bring it down.

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