Russian occupiers tied the child to the dead mother and placed mine between them

When they tried to rescue the child from the terrible trap, the mine detonated.

It is simply impossible to imagine the boundless cruelty of the invaders / photo
It is simply impossible to imagine the boundless cruelty of the invaders / photo

In one of the cities of Ukraine liberated from the Russian occupiers , it became known about another terrible atrocity of the Russians. The military of the Russian Federation killed a woman, and then tied her child to the corpse. Moreover, between them the invaders attached a mine.

Journalist Viktor Shlinchak told about this on his Facebook page .

He wrote that he learned about this terrible story from Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov. According to the journalist, such savage methods of the rashists shocked him.

“I thought that after the terrible stories from Bucha and Mariupol, it’s already difficult to surprise me with the savage methods of Putin’s army. But today, at a meeting, Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov told an incredibly terrible story of a liberated city. Where the Russians killed a young mother and tied a living child to her and attached a mine between the child and the corpse. When they unwound, the mine detonated. Just freaks, there are not enough other words … how is this possible in principle in the 21st century?” Shlinczak wrote.

In the comments, some users admit that it is difficult for them to believe in such atrocities, because it is simply impossible to imagine the boundless cruelty of the invaders. 

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  1. My God!!! I know where the nukes should go. That entire country needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. If Russian citizens just sit back and do nothing…fuck them. They don’t deserve an iota of mercy.

  2. And the west answer…congressional resolutions!!!! I’m not sure who to be pissed at anymore. What a bunch of vermin that would even think of doing this.

  3. I cannot comprehend how humans can be so evil. These innocent people being tortured & murdered is unforgivable. The people who do survive will never be the same, especially the children. It’s so heartbreaking. The Ukrainian people are begging for help. Every country should have given them everything they needed on day one of the war. I am ashamed that my USA didn’t do that. Putin is heartless & I do not think any European country is safe. They have a legend for a leader and he is standing next to them. He makes me proud for Ukraine.

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