The gun from the frigate “Tiger” on Dumskaya Square in Odessa lost its plaque with “glory to Russian weapons” 

The monument on Dumskaya Square in Odessa lost its plaque with the inscription “Glory to Russian weapons.”

This was announced by the head of the military administration of the region, Colonel Maxim Marchenko.

We are talking about a cannon taken from the British steam frigate “Tiger”, which was destroyed off the coast of Odessa in 1854.  

“The only Russian weapon that can be in the Odessa region is the weapon that these non-warriors will throw on the battlefield, which will become our trophies,” the officer noted.

April 10, 1854 (according to the new style), as part of the Anglo-French squadron “Tiger” took part in the bombardment of Odessa – it was an episode of the Eastern (Crimean) War. An unequal battle with the enemy was waged by artillerymen of six coastal batteries. Most of all, four guns installed at the tip of the Practical Pier (together with Androsovsky and Potapovsky covers the Military Harbor, now used for transshipment of pig iron) got the most.

Ensign Alexander Shchegolev commanded this battery. He managed to light the French frigate Vauban, but by one o’clock the battery was silent. The enemy tried to land an assault force, which was beaten off by field guns with grapeshot. By 17:00, the shelling of the city was completed, and the squadron went to the Crimea, leaving several ships, including the Tiger, to blockade the coast.

On May 12, 1854 (according to the new style), he sat down on the stones off the coast of the Small Fountain, in the region of modern Arcadia. Under the fire of Russian guns, the frigate caught fire, and the crew, led by captain (captain of the 1st rank) Giffard, surrendered. After that, the ship began to fire at its own – so that the enemy would not get it. As a result, the body of the “Tiger” burned down.

Subsequently, a steam engine and 12 frigate bomb guns were raised from the seabed. The engine was installed on the imperial yacht Tigr built in Nikolaev, and in 1904 one of the guns was put on a pedestal near the city council building. So to speak, as a warning to future enemies.


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