Russians are more aggressive than I thought – Czech President

He noted that the Russian army is weaker than all military experts thought.

Zeman spoke about Russian aggression / photo REUTERS
Zeman spoke about Russian aggression / photo REUTERS

Russian President Vladimir Putin has succumbed to the illusion that the Russian army is one of the strongest.

This was stated by Czech President Milos Zeman on CNN Prima News.

According to Zeman, Russia is now acting surprisingly irrationally. 

“An attack on Ukraine will destroy Russia, it will destroy it economically, politically and reputationally, this is not the worst step in the interests of the Russian people, and yet it happened because politicians act irrationally and behave like crazy. And a crazy person needs to be isolated,” he said. is he. 

According to Zeman, Putin “succumbed to the illusion that Russia is omnipotent and that the Russian army is the second most powerful army in the world.”

“I think that each country defends its own national interests, but these interests are short-term and long-term. And the Russians – and I admit, to my surprise and the surprise of many other politicians – turned out to be completely irrational, unpredictable, more aggressive and less European than I thought,” he said.

The President of the Czech Republic also noted that his country is only partially ready for a possible cessation of gas supplies from Russia. 

Earlier it was reported that Czech volunteers were allowed to fight on the side of Ukraine .

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