Is the Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov Dead? The Russian army lost its “Kursk Bulge” to Ukraine

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Russia destroys the Russian army with its own hands / Photo from UNIAN

The Russian army has been advancing for almost a month now. Even the blind sees that if you advance a couple of tens of kilometers in a month, then there will be no success.

Ukrainian artillery covered the headquarters of the Russian group in the area of ​​Izyum. It seems that many high-ranking officers and even generals died. And there was even a rumor that the Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov himself had died.

If this were true, then I would write that this is the death of a real officer. He planned a failed operation, and came personally to lead the army, which, due to his mistakes, found itself in such a difficult situation and suffered heavy losses.

He did not hide behind the backs of his subordinates, did not try to shift the blame to others, but honestly took command and died under enemy fire like a real soldier.

Regardless of the goals of the Russian aggression itself (for which, in my opinion, the General Staff itself is only indirectly responsible), such behavior cannot but command respect. And even the enemy would have to admit that General Gerasimov is a courageous man and by his death he saved his officer’s honor.

Just as a samurai saves his honor through hara-kiri, so the Russian general must die along with the army, which he put into such a difficult position by his mistakes.

But General Gerasimov is most likely alive. He did not die along with the rest of the officers at the headquarters of the Izyum group. He, apparently, ran away from there from sin in advance and is already sitting in Moscow and drinking cognac for his miraculous salvation …

And this means that General Gerasimov did not save his honor as an officer. This means that others will answer for the “special operation” he mediocrely planned, and he will strictly ask them. With a loud commanding voice… He, who fled from his army at the moment when the enemy was shelling it…

An officer’s honor (maybe I’m an idealist) is like a sturgeon: it does not have a second freshness. Once soiled, it is washed only with its own blood. And if this is not the case, then there is no honor …

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But, apparently, honor in the view of Gerasimov (and Shoigu) is measured not by selflessness and courage, but by the number of tsatseks on the chest. In the sense that “… the president did me the honor …” So Gerasimov left the active army, leaving it to “advance” for a month now, like across the Ukrainian steppes without reserves and rest …

I’m probably concentrating again on some minor things, but somehow this episode stuck in my head and I still can’t get rid of it.

Come on Gerasimov! At least he came for a couple of days to the war. And about Shoigu or Putin, no one stutters in this vein: even a child understands that such a step simply exceeds by several orders of magnitude any ideas about the courage of these two characters …

It’s like waiting, for example, that Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev will answer for his rotten market. Remember how he mocked Zelensky a few months ago? And where is Zelensky now, and where is this cardboard fool?

Zelensky is the obvious leader of the free world, the whole planet listens to him, but where is our little baby? Does he drink vodka? Waving a toy saber? Riding a wooden horse? Well, well … Tell me, so that you are more careful there, you don’t get killed by chance …

This war (as, indeed, any war) absolutely mercilessly shows the true scale of people. And only the blind do not see how pale Putin looks against the background of Zelensky. How rapidly the once so menacingly large-scale figure of the Russian “national leader” is shrinking in the eyes of the whole world.

If a couple of months ago, any of his statements were discussed in thousands of newspapers and in hundreds of television programs, then no one remembers his last statement about the “lightning response”: the dog barks – the wind carries …

The old man is chatting about something without hitting – do not pay attention, he is swaggering in front of his own … Papuans have it like this: war cries, chants, smear paint on his face, and dance around the fire … “Oooo” to do, and then to throw spears at the enemy drawn on the sand. Beautiful old custom…

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The Battle of Kursk lasted fifty days (from July 5 to August 23, 1943). More than 2 million people were involved in it from both sides. The offensive potential of the Wehrmacht dried up by about July 20-25, i.e. it lasted two or three weeks.

The Russian army has been advancing with significantly smaller forces for almost a month now! Hey Putin! Ah, Shoigu and Gerasimov! It doesn’t happen! Open your eyes! All! There is no one left in the world who believes that you have a strong army and you need to be afraid. Even a blind person sees that if you have advanced only a couple of tens of kilometers in a month, then there will be no success.

So so. Here is the Kursk Bulge. The Germans are coming. On the Oryol direction, the maximum success they achieved was 9 km. On Belgorod – 23 km. In the end, the Germans lost this battle and the Red Army went on the offensive.

But these are exactly your numbers and deadlines! Where did you get the idea that everything is ok with you? What are you building? Why are you deceiving yourself and your soldiers? Save your army, take it out of Ukraine. Do you really want to be left without an army at all? What is this experiment for?

After all, you yourself have been saying all the time that the insidious enemies are only waiting for Russia to weaken in order to take away her untold wealth from her. And now you yourself destroy your army. That is, the only force that could protect you from these terrible enemies … Is this the same brilliant Putin, the invincible singer-songwriter of the notorious multi-movements, about whom we were told so much on Russian TV?

During these two months, the entire political elite of Russia, as if in an inverted spyglass, has turned from terrible saber-toothed tigers into stinking bugs. They still bite and they stink a lot. But they no longer have respect or fear. And there is only disgust and disgust.

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  1. “During these two months, the entire political elite of Russia, as if in an inverted spyglass, has turned from terrible saber-toothed tigers into stinking bugs. They still bite and they stink a lot. But they no longer have respect or fear.”

    That made me laugh.

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