Ukraine’s Defense Ministry not ruling out Putin may announce general mobilization


Ukraine’s Defense Ministry does not rule out a scenario when Russian President Vladimir Putin may announce a general mobilization.


The ministry’s spokesman, Oleksandr Motuzianyk, said this at a briefing at Ukrinform on Saturday, April 30.


“Whether Russia will announce a full mobilization will, of course, depend on [the results of] the fighting that is currently underway in the Eastern Operational Zone. That is, if the enemy fails to achieve its plans in the near future, such a scenario is quite possible, we do not rule it out,” he said.


Motuzianyk also said that the Ukrainian military is currently aware that Russia is already conducting “covert mobilization” in some regions of Russia and is actively recruiting mercenaries for hostilities in Ukraine.


“In addition, the so-called mobilization continues in the temporarily occupied settlements of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions – they are catching people on the streets, dressing them in [military] uniforms and sending them to the front line. We are aware of that,” he said.


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  1. Yawn!
    So, what will the mafiosi do with all those troops? Human wave attacks? How will they get to where they’re needed? By horse and buggy? How will they supply them? Also, with horse and buggy? They are already low on trucks.
    A general mobilization for more troops is meaningless if you don’t have the capacity to properly train them, arm them, transport them and supply them. Not to mention the poor leadership that’s also been plaguing the cockroach army.

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    • Funny how the Moscow Nazis need a general mobilization for a special military operation. Really? They tell their sheep that this spec op is needed to denazify the Donbas but they have to invade to accomplish it. Since when did anyone need to invade in order to protect? The two actions are diametrically opposite.

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      • That’s true, what you say, Red, but you need a functional brain to process such information. But, years of lobotomizing the population of mafia land has eliminated such abilities.

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