Poland to help Ukraine restore broadcasting television centers destroyed by Russian Nazis

Poland will help Ukraine to restore the destroyed system of television and radio broadcasting transmitters.

Four powerful digital TV transmitters, three FM transmitters and antenna systems will arrive within a few weeks.

The equipment is handed over free of charge, and it will work for a joint victory over the enemy on the information front.

Thus, the aggressor deliberately destroys the telecommunications infrastructure.

“Due to rocket attacks and bombings, dozens of broadcasting television centers were damaged. Currently, the resumption of broadcasting is one of the key tasks of the Concern for Radio Broadcasting, Radio Communications and Television (CRRT) under the State Special Communications Service,” the State Special Communications Service reports.

Previously, Lithuania provided 19 TV and FM transmitters for such purposes.


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  1. How do you ever repay the kindness of the Polish people. Sure they know they need a strong Ukraine to keep the cockroaches off their own land but even so. THANK YOU.

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