Armed Forces of Ukraine “harvested” from the Russians in the Izyum direction

In battles with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the invaders have already lost more than a thousand tanks.

Destruction of occupying tanks / Screenshot t.meDestruction of occupying tanks / Screenshot

The total combat losses of the enemy since the beginning of the full-scale invasion amounted to approximately 23,200 personnel.

This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, since February 24, the enemy has lost: tanks – 1008, armored fighting vehicles – 2445, artillery systems – 436, MLRS – 151, air defense systems – 77, aircraft – 190, helicopters – 155, vehicles – 1701, ships / boats – 8, tanks with fuel and lubricants – 76, UAVs of the operational-tactical level – 232, special equipment – 32, launchers of OTRK/TRK / mobile SRBM system – 4.

It is reported that the enemy suffered the biggest losses over the past day in the Izyum direction. The data is being specified.

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