Ukraine strengthening protection of Transnistrian section of border with Moldova


The situation at the Transnistrian section of Ukraine’s border with Moldova remains tense.


Andriy Demchenko, the spokesman for Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service, said this at a briefing at Ukrinform on Friday, April 29.


“The situation on the border with Moldova in the Transnistrian segment remains tense. It is possible that the enemy may use this area for further escalation, as was the case with Belarusian territory. However, both on the border with Belarus and in the Transnistria area, the Defense Forces of Ukraine are taking all of the necessary measures to strengthen [the protection of] these areas. All information that may affect border protection is taken into account,” Demchenko said.


He also added that checkpoints at the Transnistrian section of the border with Moldova, on the border with Belarus as well as on the border with Russia remain closed in accordance with a Ukrainian government decision.


Speaking about the situation on the border with the EU and Moldova, Demchenko said that since February 24, more than five million people have crossed Ukraine’s state border in both directions, including 3.885 million people who left Ukraine. More than one million Ukrainian citizens returned home.


He also said that Ukrainian border guards continued to record cases of violation of the state border outside the checkpoints by Ukrainian citizens.


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