Treason charges pressed against so-called “governor” of Kherson region, appointed by Russians


Ukrainian law enforcers have pressed high treason charges against the so-called “governor” of Kherson region, promoted to the post by the Russian occupation forces.


That’s according to the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Ukrinform reports.


The inquiry has found that a deputy of the City Council, amid the occupation of Kherson region by Russian servicemen, chose to side with the enemy. In March 2022, he participated in a meeting of the pseudo-body entitled “Committee for the Salvation of Kherson For Peace and Order,” set up to support Russian occupation of the region.


Then the suspect agreed to take up the position of the so-called “governor of Kherson region.”


The pre-trial investigation is run by the SBU security service.


As Ukrinform reported, it was Volodymyr Saldo, the former mayor of Kherson and former MP with the Party of Regions, whom the occupiers appointed “head of the Kherson regional state administration.”


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  1. There will be all sorts of rats skirmishing into holes, sewage pipes and underneath rocks when Ukrainian forces liberate the occupied regions. They can run but not hide…

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