“Thank God we have a dictatorship”: Lukashenka surprised with a statement about “order” in Belarus

The unrecognized Belarusian leader surprised with a revelation about the methods of his rule.

falseLukashenka praised his dictatorship in Belarus / getty images

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus and Putin’s closest ally, Alexander Lukashenko, said that without a dictatorship in the country, Belarusians “would go naked.”

This was reported by the propaganda “RIA Novosti”.play video

Lukashenko compared the Belarusian dictatorship with democratic Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. According to him, these countries allegedly do not have salt, but the authorities do not let them into Belarus.

“That’s the whole democracy! Thank God that we have a dictatorship. You all criticized me: dictatorship, dictatorship. But there is order under this dictatorship. If there were no dictatorship, we would go naked,” he said.

As UNIAN previously reported, on February 24, the Russian Federation  broke into independent Ukraine . Shelling and bombing of Ukrainian cities began. The civilian population of Ukraine is dying en masse.

On February 27,  information appeared that Belarus  might declare war on Ukraine. There is no official confirmation of the invasion of his army into our territory yet, but the territory of Belarus is used by Russia for launching missile strikes on Ukraine,  conducting reconnaissance  and deploying troops.

In turn, Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said that the fact that missiles and planes were flying from Belarus  is military aggression against Ukraine . At the same time, Alexander Lukashenko is actively conducting separate negotiations with the West.

Recently, the Ukrainian authorities reported that so far there is no threat of an invasion by the enemy from Belarus.

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  1. Whatever this asshole is smoking I gotta have some. It’s gotta be really good shit. Maybe he got his stash when he went to Amsterdam.

  2. He allowed RuSSia to invade Kyiv. If he considers Butcha ‘order’ then he really needs a 135 mm bullet between his eyes.

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