The military commissar of the Perm Territory asked the governor to hide data on those who died in Ukraine. “This causes a resonance during the drafting campaign,” he said.

The military commissar of the Perm Territory, Alexander Kokovin, asked the authorities of the region not to disseminate information about the dead, wounded and captured during the hostilities in Ukraine.

With such a request, he made a meeting of the organizing committee for the preparations for the celebration of May 9, chaired by the Governor of the region Dmitry Makhonin. Previously, the military commissar demanded to turn off the online broadcast of the meeting, which was on the  public page of the regional government on VK.

I’ll ask the cameras to turn off. I just want to raise one question about the conduct of a special operation. A decree was issued by the President of the Russian Federation, respectively, through the Ministry of Defense, an order was issued by the Minister of Defense to enter information regarding the dead, wounded and those who are in captivity into the category “For official use”.

In our region, information periodically appears in the media, in most cases not verified, which causes a certain resonance during the current draft campaign. I will ask, colleagues, everyone who has some desire to write to the newspaper, let’s interact with me together, agree on some issues and then write. Because none of you has more information than me.

Makhonin noted in response that “the journalistic community is a mysterious people,” and he does not know where they get their information from. After that, the broadcast of the meeting was interrupted.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the administrations of the cities and districts where the servicemen were born have been reporting data on the inhabitants of the Perm Territory who died on it in their social networks. Information about the funeral of Major Vasily Tynny on April 28 was distributed by the school in the city of Tchaikovsky, where he used to study. In total, more than 20 Permians died in Ukraine. Pavel Mikov, Commissioner for Human Rights in the region, told journalists about three prisoners from the Perm Territory.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, which lasts more than two months, has only twice reported the losses of the Russian army. The last time it was more than a month ago, on March 25th. Then the Ministry of Defense said that 1351 people died, 3825 were injured.

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