If Russia Cuts Gas Deliveries, Czech Republic ‘Could be in Serious Trouble”


There are different assessments about the impact of a Russian gas cut to the Czech Republic, but with the country receiving nearly all of its gas from Russia, the results could be dire.


“When someone says to shut down the valves with Russian gas, they have no idea what they are talking about. I do not wish a return to Middle Ages unto anyone,” said former Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek,


According to Topolánek, the Czech Republic could not quickly make up for the Russian gas. The Czech Republic is 98 percent dependent on Russian gas, compared to just 31 percent for Poland.


The consequences of Russia stopping the deliveries would thus be destructive for both households and businesses. In Topolánek’s view, the Czech Republic could not depend on Germany or countries in south-eastern Europe either, as those would have to cover their needs first.


The current prime minister, Peter Fiala, offers a slightly more sanguine outlook, saying yesterday that if Russia ceased its gas supplies to the Czech Republic, the country would manage the situation for some time but would then need help from the European Union, according to Czech news outlet Idnes.


“We can deal with this for some time by combining reserves and other suppliers. But in the long run, we must look for different solutions,” said Fiala.


Fiala mentioned alternative sources of gas, alternative suppliers, liquefied gas, and LNG terminals as possible contingencies to mitigate the impact any cut-off from Russia gas would cause. The United States has promised to increase deliveries of LNG both this year and next, however, such LNG is costly and difficult to transport.


So far, the Czech government has had no information or signal that Russia could cut the Czech Republic off gas deliveries, as happened to Poland and Bulgaria earlier this week.


“We are taking steps that should provide the citizens of the Czech Republic with sufficient energy from all possible sources if Russia continues with its actions,” assured Fiala in the Chamber of Deputies.


The prime minister also criticized previous administrations for not doing enough to achieve better energy security for the country.


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  1. On a side note boys, I see reports about The cockroaches advancing in certain areas but I don’t see our boys being offensive anywhere. Is this just going to be a defend and hold war for Ukraine? Am I missing something?

    By the way I want to again thank you guys for providing all the feeds. You’re AWESOME!!!

    • Okay. I will tell you my bet. I assume Zelensky made a secret deal with Putin in exchange for his ass being saved and the invaders retreating from Kyiv. The time when that famous ‘convoy’ was stuck – the negotiations possibly took place. Of course this is speculation, but either the invaders suck, then they would also suck in Donbas, or there’s something going on we do not know about. I trust Kolomoisky’s clown as much as i trust Gazprom’s clown in Moscow.

      • I just don’t see the Ukrainian people putting up with that shit. So I respectfully disagree.

        • That is your right, and was expecting such reply. I always think for myself, never let others think for me. I’m an American to the core.

    • Ukrainians by and large have had a defensive posture since they’re outnumbered in most categories 8 to 1. The enemy needs to expose himself to advance and that’s when Ukraine strikes and has a chance for offense. Don’t worry about Mike, he loves Ukraine but he still thinks Yulia should be president. Well, she is known as the Gas Princess in Ukraine but she can try for president again after losing to Yanukobytch and Poroshenko, who knows?

      • I’m not at all concerned. I know Mike is a great guy just by what he is doing and contributing on this site. I take no offense and hope he’s not offended by anything I say or opine.

        • No way! We all want the same. The ukrainian women and children to be safe. Any sin is allowed to achieve this, since in love and in war all is allowed. Slava Ukrayiny!

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