Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbas blew up a railway bridge with Russian cars (video)

The Russian invaders used this bridge to transport equipment, ammunition and fuel for the units.

APU blew up a strategic bridge for the occupiers / screenshotAPU blew up a strategic bridge for the occupiers / screenshot

Ukrainian defenders blew up the railway bridge across the Seversky Donets between Liman and Raygorodok. At the time of the explosion, there were Russian carriages on the bridge. They went to the bottom along with the bridge structure.

Hromadske reports this  with reference to the headquarters of the JFO.

A video appeared on the network, which shows the result of undermining the bridge. The main part of the bridge structure was destroyed. The cars of the occupiers fell into the river. Forces of Ukraine blew up a bridge in Donbass

From now on, railway communication with Liman, where fierce battles are taking place, is impossible. The settlement has been one of the hottest spots of the battle for Donbass for about a week now. The occupiers used this railway bridge to transport ammunition, equipment and weapons, as well as fuel and provisions for their troops in the region. His undermining broke the logistics of the enemy.

We will remind, earlier it became known that the Russian forces are advancing “slowly and unevenly”  in the Donbas  due to the resistance of Ukraine and ongoing problems with logistics.

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  1. The second bridge destroyed in just as many days! Things are moving along for Ukraine! Such things make a difference. Well done!

    • I doubt the limping Imp gets his full occupation and his illegal referendum by May 9th. What will he do then? There’s nothing to celebrate and there’s nobody to celebrate with!
      This demented Moskali “holiday” has gone from an international spectacle for defeating Nazism to a quiet nothing-to-see-here YouTube propaganda commercial.

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