White House considering including Russia in list of state sponsors of terrorism


Ukraine is approaching the goal of including Russia in the list of state sponsors of terrorism.


The head of the President’s Office, Andriy Yermak, said this on Telegram, Ukrinform reports.


He noted that the sanctions plan of the McFaul-Yermak international expert group provides for Russia’s inclusion in the list of state sponsors of terrorism. Yermak said he had had many talks with Ukraine’s allies. According to him, the whole team of experts has always stressed the importance of such a step for Ukraine. In addition, the curator of international experts in the group, Ambassador Michael McFaul, had many personal contacts.


“We are approaching our goal. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the White House is considering including Russia in the list of state sponsors of terrorism,” Yermak said.


According to him, such a decision will create additional fines, restrictions on foreign aid, a ban on the export of defense goods, which will further weaken Russia.


“We continue to fight for freedom. Russia is losing and sustaining devastating losses,” he said.


Blinken said earlier that the administration of President Joe Biden was considering declaring Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.


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    • What is there to consider? Does rape, mass executions of civilians, bombing hospitals and torture not enough to qualify? Plus, aiding terrorism also qualifies, aka Belarus.

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