The Kremlin is preparing the creation of “Southern Russia” on the territory of Ukraine – media

The intercepted document claims that Ukraine in 2014 allegedly “lost its legitimacy within the Ukrainian SSR.”

Plans to "found a new state" on the territory of Ukraine are mentioned in the intercepted document "Manifesto of the South Russian People's Council" / photo REUTERSPlans to “found a new state” on the territory of Ukraine are mentioned in the intercepted document “Manifesto of the South Russian People’s Council” / photo REUTERS

Russia is considering the scenario of creating a quasi-formation called ” Southern Rus ” in the occupied Ukrainian territories.

Plans to “found a new state” are mentioned in the intercepted document “Manifesto of the South Russian People’s Council” dated April 16, which was at the disposal of the “Schemes” project, Radio Liberty reports .play video

The journalists analyzed the document and identified those involved among the leadership of the United Russia party: in April, the “manifesto” was sent among themselves by the ruling circles of the Russian Federation.

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The document states that the state of Ukraine, after the overthrow of the “legally elected president” in 2014, allegedly “lost legitimacy within the Ukrainian SSR”, and “Southern Rus” is “the successor of Kiev-Novgorod Rus, the Zaporozhian Sich”, the so-called “New Russia of the times of Catherine the Great” “and the Ukrainian SSR.

“In response to terror and the totalitarian imposition of the ideology of Nazism and Bandera by the former State of Ukraine, we, in the person of the South Russian People’s Council, take power into our own hands and establish a new state of Southern Russia,” the invaders’ “manifesto” says.

“The foundation of culture and identity” they call Orthodoxy, and the Ukrainian language is called “adverb.”

The authors name the main goal of “Southern Russia” as “achieving and protecting peace”, “the complete eradication of Nazism and Bandera”, and also announce the holding of a “nationwide referendum”.

At the same time, the document does not specify in which territories of Ukraine it is planned to organize “Southern Rus”.

What is known about the authors of the “manifesto”

With the help of the document’s metadata, the journalists identified the probable author – Romanov Roman Nikolaevich. The computer on which the document was created belongs to the United Russia WFP. A person with such a surname, name and patronymic is indeed related to the ruling pro-Putin party: Roman Romanov is the deputy chairman of the central Executive Committee of United Russia.

“According to Scheme’s sources in law enforcement agencies, this “manifesto” passed from hand to hand. First, Andrey Turchak, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, received it. He is also Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party. In March Turchak came under British sanctions, and he himself took the initiative to prosecute those who implement anti-Russian sanctions inside Russia,” the journalists say.

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Subsequently, this “manifesto”, according to journalists, Turchak handed over to another “United Russia” Dmitry Gryzlov, an assistant to the sanctioned Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeev, who is called the “sponsor of the war in Donbass” in the media.

The journalists failed to contact the author of the “manifesto”, as well as the deputy chairman of the Federal Assembly of Russia, and businessman Malofeev, having heard a question about the “manifesto of Southern Russia”, said that he did not communicate with journalists and interrupted the phone call.

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  1. Mafia land wishes to have Neverrossia in Ukraine, and I wish to win the Power Ball.
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  2. These are pure, genocidal, incredibly evil nazis who unbelievably still have the gall to slur their victims with their own affliction.

  3. the Ukrainian SSR ceased to exist many years ago. The Putinazi regime simply wants a puppet state to do his bidding.

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