Vice President of Gazprombank Volobuev left Russia and joined the Kyiv Territorial Defense

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Vice-President of Gazprombank Igor Volobuev left Russia and joined the Kyiv Territorial Defense. He told The Insider about this . Volobuev also gave interviews to journalist Denis Kazansky and .

Volobuev emphasized that he was born in Akhtyrka, a city in the Sumy region of Ukraine, and wants to defend his country “with arms in hand.” “[War is] a crime, an international crime. [From] Putin, the Russian authorities and actually the Russian people, because here it is not Putin who kills Ukrainians, it is not Putin who steals toilets, it is not Putin who rapes women. This is the Russian people. And I, even though I am Ukrainian by nationality, also bear responsibility for this. I am ashamed of it, I will repent for it all my life,” said Volobuev.

He added that at the time of his departure he was the acting vice president of Gazprombank, now he has already been fired. “In just a few days, I decided that I couldn’t live in Russia anymore. Because the Russians killed my father, killed my acquaintances, close friends. My father lived in a cold basement for a month. I was told by people whom I have known since childhood that they are ashamed of me. Do you know what they told me? “So that we never hear again that you are from Akhtyr, that you are Ukrainian. Never.” I packed my things and flew out of Russia on March 2, ”Volobuev specified.

He noted that he had worked at Gazprombank for more than six years, and before that he had been an employee of Gazprom for 16 years, “of which nine years, in fact, he was the head of the press service.” Volobuev spoke about the “gas wars” against Ukraine: “We, as PR people who participated in this war at that time, had the task of showing that the Ukrainian gas transportation system is emergency, the pipes are rotten, that it is too expensive to reconstruct the system and it is easier to abandon it.”

Gazprom managed to discredit Ukraine in the eyes of European consumers, and the volume of transit Russian gas fell from 104 billion in 2011 to 41 billion cubic meters in 2021, Volobuev noted. “[First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Alexei] Gromov is the main shadow cardinal who manages the information policy in the Russian Federation and the information policy of Gazprom in particular. In this regard, Gazprom was not a generator of ideas, it was an executor, and all tasks came from above. I received tasks from the press secretary of Gazprom, Sergey Kupriyanov,” he added.


  1. “I am ashamed of it, I will repent for it all my life,”

    I will gladly forgive him for this, as he is now fighting for Ukraine as a fighter.

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